Pretend Boyfriend (Suga BTS) CHAPTER 1

summery :Lexi Marie Tipton is a rich & snobby girl who can't seem to get rid of her ex-boyfriend, he constantly begs for her to take him back since he knows she's still single. The bad boy of the school (Suga) who has hopes of forming a band with his guy friends has neither interest nor relationship with this girl but one day their two worlds become one when she asks him to be her boyfriend in exchange for money. When he declines she doubles the amount and it's an offer he can't refuse, he can buy equipment with that money to start his boy band going. Along the way problems occur.In a school where the rich manipulate those around them with power and wealth what'll happen?Its kind off long im sorry but I (J)hope you enjoy ;D XDthis story does not belong to me but to an awesome writer on wattpa her user name is@Koneko_SenpaixxWARNING !!! Some mature language aheadPLEASE ENJOY *(^_^)*MISSED CHAPTERS ^_^CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 3CHAPTER 4chapter 5chapter 6chapter 7chapter 8chapter 9chapter 10chapter 11chapter 12final chapter

lexi Marie’s pov

'One thing about being on top of the world...It gives you a long, long way to fall.'It's something most down and out folk say about the rich and powerful. Not that any of it mattered to me, I was just as filthy rich as any other recipient in the Bundang-gu area. Although these were just one of the many places we had to live. I'm spoiled rotten, I have a condo in Brazil, California, in Beverly Hills of course, Japan, London and Paris. I own a black and pink Koenigsegg Agera S, imported from Sweden. I had my own private jet, you name it I have it. How did I get these things? Mother is a big time actress, unfortunately her and father divorced but I still get money from her and she buys me whatever I want when I'm with her, my father is one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Asia and the United States, he travels quiet frequently. My step mother is a real estate/property owner, I've won her affection and so she also gives me whatever I please.I have to admit being this rich has to be by far the greatest thing ever. I'm very lucky to have all of this, I don't desire anything at all. Every morning, Stella, my maid wakes me up and has everything ready for me. While I get ready, my breakfast is being made. When I walk down the stairs, my presence is announced. Everything was perfect.I had 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, one red brown with white and the other black and white. They were 'Prince' & 'Princess', they ate breakfast with me. So I was never really lonely, not at all."Your father called earlier today." Stella said."Is that so? What'd he say? Is he coming home any time soon?" I asked."No, he says he'll be away for another 3 months at the least." She said."Well, what about Lucielle?" I asked."She'll be at the office." Stella said."I see...Has mother called?" I asked."No, she has not." She said.I stayed quiet. I wonder what my mom's been doing? She hasn't called me in three days. Maybe she's got a new boyfriend? Who knows. I ate my breakfast and washed my hands."Are you ready to go Ms. Marie?""Yes Sebastian. I'm ready" I said.Sebastian is my butler/driver. He's really kind, you wouldn't think he's a year past 21, he looks so young. I wanted to make him more than just my butler but that would be impossible, Stella is always watching me. Always. Besides, he has a girlfriend. Not that she could ever compare to me but still, it wouldn't be right to ruin the love they have.Stella handed me my backpack. "What would you like to eat once you're home?""Snacks. Fruit, cupcakes...I don't know. Just snacks." I said."Very well. Have a good day" Stella smiled.I walked to the front of the house and waited for Sebastian to come around with the car.Once he stopped, Gyle opened the door for me.He nodded as I got inside. I took a deep breath, I liked it here. Father didn't want to move from here, after all how could he when this is where he met Lucielle. She's a very beautiful Korean woman. She taught me to speak Korean when I was 13, Hangeul was one of the hardest things ever so I was homeschooled for a while, but I fit in perfectly, the only problem was I went to school with the less fortunate. I mean they weren't SO bad but still, it didn't seem right for high and low class to mix. The only reason those people were in there is because they got money from the rich, free loaders.The car came to a stop and Sebastian opened the door for me."Have a good day Ms. Tipton" he smiled."Whatever." I said and walked away.Everyone always stares at me when I arrive. It made me feel important. What am I saying? I AM important, they can stare all they want. After all, I'm beautiful, have a great figure, gorgeous teeth/smile, long wavy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Who wouldn't stare? I took pride in my family name and wasn't about to talk to anyone who was second class, even so they still admired me. I have to admit they do have good taste."Lexi! Hey girl~"Not this girl. I put on a fake smile. "Hey""You look so cute. Love your outfit, is it 'Bebe'?" She asked."Ew, No. It's Versace. Bebe is so 3 years ago" I said as I opened my locker."Oh...Well, in any case. Your outfit is cute" she smiled.What a suck up, no pride at all. Tiffany's family was wealthy as well, owners of this big business company but she was such an air head. All she needed was blonde hair, she's always sucking up to me though. Probably cuz her mom wants a boob job or face lift, it doesn't cease to amaze me how much vanity that woman has. According to Tiffany she's had multiple procedures done, the woman is like a walking mannequin.I grabbed only the necessary books."Hey, let me take those for you" Dylan smiled.I smiled back and gave him my books.His name, Dylan Choi, son of Chairman Choi. He's one of the filthy rich and he's my boyfriend."How was your morning?" He asked."My morning was so great! I ate breakfast and then came to school" Tiffany smiled.What an idiot."Heh. That's great Tiff, what about you love?" He held my hand."Just like any other morning. Boring." I said."Well, it doesn't have to be. Not anymore anyway" he kissed me.I smiled. "Well with that said I'd say it's much better.""You guys are such a cute couple" Tiffany smiled."Thanks Tiff. You and Sungmin are quite the couple too" Dylan smiled."Aww, thanks. I'm still waiting for him to get here though" she pouted."Late as always. That guy needs to stop partying so much" he chuckled."I totally agree. He's like always out and sometimes he doesn't even tell me you know? So totally not cool" she said.I rolled my eyes. It's so obvious he's cheating on her, she's so dumb she can't even tell.Dylan walked me to my first class."I'll see you later beautiful" he winked."Heh. Okay, I'll see you later." I smiled.I took my books from him and walked inside. The high school life isn't as fabulous as it seems, fashion disaster everywhere! Forever21? Wetseal? Charlotte Rousse? Keds? What is this?! Some don't even have brand names on their clothes!! This is by far unacceptable, the rich society shouldn't had aloud these things to step foot here. At least they knew their place, no one dared to touch or talk to me. I loathed this class, I was the only beautiful person here. I wish Dylan were here, he'd at least brighten the room. I sighed and drew in my notebook.Lexi Marie Choi. I like the sound of that. I smiled to myself."Psst"My eyes widened."Pssstt." I looked around."Hey, read this" a guy whispered.Is he really talking to me?! Who gave him permission to address me?!He handed me a note. I'm touching it! Germs! Omg! I put hand sanitizer on then opened it.'You're Hot.'-____-I took a deep breath and crumpled the paper up. Dylan is the only one for me!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-A Couple of Months later-"It's over Dylan.""What?! But why?!" He exclaimed."I'm just tired of you, I don't wanna be with you anymore. I think we've grown apart, it's best we see other people." I said."But, I love you. You said you loved me too! This can't be happening, what about all we've been through? All our dreams? What about our future together?" He asked."Dylan, it's over. None of that matters anymore, you and I are completely different. Sure we're both rich but I just don't want you. I don't need you. The love I feel for you is gone, I don't care about you." I said."No, Marie please. Don't do this to me, I love you. Please"I scoffed. "Have some dignity Dylan. This is precisely why I don't like you anymore, man up! Get over it, it's done for. There is so WE anymore, it's YOU and ME." I said."No, I'm not allowing this. You're mine Marie." He looked at me."Not anymore. It's over. So stay away from me and go find yourself someone new to be with. I'm not the only girl in the world." I said.He grabbed my hands. "But you're the only one for me, please. Give me another chance, I'll be the kind of guy you want. Please. I'm begging you"I pulled my hands away. "Start by having some pride and dignity. This is so embarrassing, look at everyone that's staring at you. Man up Dylan, have some back bone and dignity as a man. I don't want you."With that said I walked away. He called after me but I didn't listen, I got into my car with my girls and drove off.Tiffany: Don't you think that was a bit harsh?Blair: Not harsh enough. That was so embarrassing, girl I was embarrassed for you.Sam: He was out of your league anyway.Emma: I'm so happy you dumped him.Erin: Dylan begging for you to take him back was pathetic.Layla: It was rather dramatic. I kinda felt bad for him but he's way too clingy."I feel so much better now. Let's go celebrate" I smiled.Tiffany: I thought you loved him Lexi?"Love is stupid. I have money, it's all I need." I said.Blair: Hey!"Oh and of course, my rich bitches to spend it with" I laughed.Layla: Woo!Erin: Let's go dancing tonight!Sam: The club! Aye!Tiffany: I'll pass I have a date with Sungmin tonight.Emma: Tiff, it's obvious he's cheating.Tiffany: No he's not.Blair: Girl, he's been with almost all the girls at school. They talk about you like crazy, it's even in the school paper.Tiffany: Those are just rumors! Sungmin loves me okay?Layla: Leave her alone guys. Tiff knows her man.I drove Tiffany home. "Have a good time with your boyfriend. Call me later okay?"Tiffany smiled. "I will. Bye ladies. Have fun"All: Bye~Then our night of celebration began. We were even accompanied by paparazzi, being rich is by far the most amazing thing you could ever experience. You don't need anyone just you, the money and power.

Suga POV

Another day, another bother. I hate seeing all these rich and snobby kids. The only freakin reason I'm even at this school is because they have a good music foundation, they're known for making musicians and if you're good at music they even pay for your university but it sucks since all these snobby idiots come. They don't even need to go to school, what for? They're already going to inherit millions anyway. I bet the only reason they even show up in this dump is to show off their stuff. Girls compete in the fashion aspect, Guys compete in the 'who's dating the richest girl' aspect. None of them really try to do any of the school work. Yet again, this is a school where cocky, conceited, air headed rich people go, they felt a bit threatened that 'common folk' were getting scholarships and help to come to this school. Regardless all I'm interested in is forming a band and getting famous.Although, that's gonna be tough for a person who has no money for equipment. My boys hardly had money either, we all had part time jobs but with other things to spend it on we barely had money for a pair of headphones. Everything here is so damn expensive. A sandwich cost 15.00! Just because a stupid 'French' chef had prepared it, seriously? Who gives a damn if the pope himself made the damn thing, it's a freakin sandwich! Bread, cheese, ham/turkey, lettuce, tomato, lettuce and mayo. I can buy ALL of that for 10 bucks or less and make a whole crap load of sandwiches! These people are crazy! Plus who eats caviar? That looks like shit...I wouldn't eat it even if they paid me too. Yuk.The worst part about this place has to be without a doubt the heiress, Lexi Marie Tipton. She's the most rude, crude, unclassy, obscene, uncivilized, barbarous, brutish, unmannerly, insolent, disrespectful and inferior human being I have ever seen. Not that I care for her but man she's annoying. I have no clue what the guys at this school see in that girl, even my boys thought she was hot stuff. Too bad they were all out of her league, she's dating Dylan Choi, son of a chairman. Obviously his wealth and looks have her all excited about being with him. He's whipped, who knows what obscene things go on with them behind closed doors. Ew. Just thinking about it makes me wanna barf."What'd you bring for lunch Suga?" Jin asked."Nothing, I'm not hungry. Besides, the food here sucks anyway. Even if I was hungry, oh well..." I shrugged."Did you see Lexi today. Man that girl is smokin, I wish she'd glance at me or something." Jimin sighed."Her hair is perfect. Her smile is even better, she in general is gorgeous." V smiled."Too bad she's like that though. I wish she was nice like Tiffany, she talks to everyone" Jungkook said."Who the hell cares? They're both snobby. Tiffany just does it to get attention, she's a suck up with Lexi. It's so degrading, I feel bad just looking at how she compliments that girl" I shook my head."I bet you'd date Lexi if she asked you out though." Rap Mon smirked."Nah, to hell with that. She's annoying, I don't understand what's so great about her anyway." I scoffed. "Over my dead body""Be careful, the tongue is a powerful thing Suga. You just might get either." J-Hope said.I shrugged. "The day I have feelings for her, hell will freeze over and Our band will be on the top charts around the world.""Anything is possible" Jimin said."Whatever." I yawned.As if I'd ever like her. I don't even think she's pretty, everyone around her thought she was a complete goddess, Pfft, more like goddess of the undesirable. I don't care how pretty they think she is, to me her attitude and her in general makes her so unattractive."Suga, quit dozing off like that. Don't you sleep plenty at home?" Jin asked."So?" I opened one eye and looked at him."Sleeping isn't gonna get you anywhere" Jin snapped."Are you even doing your school work?" V asked."Yes mother." I snapped at him."Well, someone's in a bad mood today" Jungkook said."This isn't a bad mood, he's just...I don't know. But definitely not in a bad mood, more like PMS" Rap Mon smiled."Oh ha ha. You're so funny." I said as I closed my eyes again."Yeah, I know. I tend to crack myself up." He chuckled."Suga, did you know you were on the school newspaper? They gave you a nickname." Jimin said.That caught my attention, I opened my eyes and looked at him. "I'm listening""They named you 'The Bad Boy'. Haha." J-Hope giggled.The bad boy? What the hell? That's stupid."I expected something better, that's lame. How am I that?" I asked.Jin: You're always asleep in class.V: You don't care what others say or think.Jungkook: You talk back to whoever and don't care about the consequences.Jimin: You're cold to others and don't participate in partner activities unless we're there.J-Hope: You're extremely serious at school and mean mug everyone.Rap Mon: You just have that 'IDGAF' attitude here."You guys are crazy, I don't act like that" I scoffed and stretched out.I felt someone bump into my arm. I quickly turned around and glared at them."Oh...Sorry...." The guy said avoiding eye contact."Watch where you're going." I said in a serious tone and looked back at the guys who were staring at me with a 'See? I told you' face."What?" I looked at themJin: That was proof right there.Jimin: Well, it's not a bad thing. You could become popular that way and not even be rich.V: Yeah, since you're 'bad' some kids will think it's cool and they'll wanna chill with you."Nah, I'm not interested in that stuff. You guys are my friends and I don't care for anyone else. Why would I wanna hang out with any of these air heads anyway? Psh, it's a waste of time. I'll stick to being who I am and care less about what that stupid newspaper says" I said and yawned then closed my eyes once more."QUICK! EVERYONE! LEXI JUST DUMPED DYLAN AND HE'S BEGGING!" A person announced.Who the hell cares? She's like the freaking Kim Kardashian of the school, everything she does has to be announced. Ugh, what a joke."Don't tell me you guys are gonna go see what's happening..." I said.There was no answer."Guys?"I opened my eyes and the cafeteria was empty. I sighed."You gotta be kidding me!"I went to look for the guys. I spotted them from afar and made my way towards them. All I could hear was the poor guy begging. What an idiot, have back bone and some dignity! Watching him on his knees begging her to give him another chance was just pathetic."But you're the only one for me, please. Give me another chance, I'll be the kind of guy you want. Please. I'm begging you" Dylan pleadedShe pulled her hands away. "Start by having some pride and dignity. This is so embarrassing, look at everyone that's staring at you. Man up Dylan, have some back bone and dignity as a man. I don't want you."Damn, well at least she told him to man up. But she's so messed up, why couldn't she dump him when they were alone? Making a scene like this and embarrassing him the way she is, is just wrong. Of course she would want to make a scene, everything she does has to be known by everyone including people like me who don't care but yet...I'm here watching this....why am I here anyway? Oh yeah..."Why would you come watch this stupid wanna be kdrama anyway? Why do you care about what she does?" I asked.They looked at me.Jin: I was curious.Jimin: What a pussV: That was patheticJungkook: I feel bad for him, getting dumped like that.J-Hope: That was painful to watch.Rap Mon: Why are you here?"I came looking for you guys, since you ditched me!" I said.Jin: Oh please, we were gonna go back.-____- "Right...."We walked back to the cafeteria and all I could think about was why would she dump him? He's important, a good guy and he's rolling in dough but I guess it wasn't good enough for princess Lexi. I really can't stand her, I hope he haunts her forever.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>For the past few weeks, Dylan has been following Lexi's every move. He is so determined to make her his again, but she ain't biting. He did everything and anything for her, psh, if he could I bet he'd be the sun and the moon for her but she wasn't giving in. I found it rather entertaining, my words came true. He's haunting her and she's just about done with him, maybe she'll move schools now. Ahh, a school without Lexi Tipton, what a wonderful place that would be. No more 'hey did you hear that Lexi....' Or 'Omg Lexi...' A world without Lexi Tipton is a happy and peaceful world.Today, I have detention. What a drag. Just because I didn't want to work in pairs, I swear the teachers here are ridiculous. Why do I have to work with a partner when I can do it on my own? Pft, such ignorance. Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Rap Mon and J-Hope were going to work on a couple of songs. Lyrics to be precise. We didn't have any equipment, man I'd do ANYTHING to get equipment, we need instruments, mics, recorder, laptop, many things. A place to practice wouldn't be bad either, maybe a studio? Ah, that would be so bomb. Hella tight. All this day dreaming but it'll probably never happen, we don't have the money for all that stuff. Ugh, major let down."Min Yoon GI, You can go now. Detention is over."I opened my eyes and looked at the teacher. "It's Suga."I grabbed my backpack."Well then, "Suga" you may leave now" the teacher said.I ignored him and walked out. I yawned and stretched as I walked down the hallway. That went by really quick, I didn't even feel the 2 hours. I can't wait to go home and chill, no homework. Just me, snacks and TV. I smiled to myself. I think the guys are done by now, I'll give them a call later. I kept walking only to see Lexi and Dylan arguing, he had her against the locker. Great, just what I need. This is the only way out though I'll put my head phones on and walk by as if I don't know what's going on then happily make my way out. I reached into my pocket, oh damn, where are my headphones?! I checked and checked but nothing, damn it. Oh well, I'll walk by quickly."Dylan, I don't want you anymore! Don't you understand that?!"Gosh her voice is so annoying. I couldn't help but roll my eyes."But why?! Is there someone else? Hmm?! Do you have someone else already?! I'm not leaving you alone until you tell me why!" He exclaimed.Ugh, bro get the hell over it. There are plenty of fine females here, why would you constantly waste your time on this annoying girl? I kept walking."Yes...there is someone else." She said. "I have a boyfriend and there he comes, so if you'll excuse me"I really hope there's someone walking behind me."Baby!" She clung to my arm.What the fuck...."Hey babe~ how was your day? I was waiting for you to come out of there, you bad boy you." She smiled. "Heh. Actually we'll discuss that at my place. Come on" she giggled in a cutesy way."Huh?!" I looked at her in disbelief.She pulled me out the building as fast as she could. We walked to her limo, I pulled away from her."What the hell is your problem? Who do you think you are dragging me out like that?! Furthermore why were you touching me?! And I am NOT your-"She covered my mouth. "Shut up and get in the damn limo! Aish!"The driver opened the door and she pushed me inside.What the hell is going on here?! Is she crazy?! This is kidnapping! Forcing me into this limo! Where is she taking me?!

To Be Continued......

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