Ladies and gentlemen.... girls that look like guys... guys that look like girl.. I present to you........... Anime guys that look like girls and girls that look like guys!

I'll start the "gentlemen" shall we in our first picture I have the one and only Grell!!!! (Black Butler)Ok, I'll be honest with you. I knew he was a guy but there are sometimes he looks like a girl. Maybe because he's gay or something he looks more girlish than other times. Next of we have my dear sweet dreamy rich clever spoiled brat Ciel Phantomhive.(Black Butler) ladies and gentlemen that person you see in the second picture is a GUY, he looks like a regular 13 year old rich kid with his own company most of the time but if you but a dress on him, he looks like...... a regular 13 year old rich young lady with her own company..... He is like those people that you can say he is a boy and a girl at the same time I SWEAR!! Next of we have THE most horny GUY in the world Pico from boku no pico. come on if in the anime you haven't seen his d*** you can say that he was a boy especially because he has a voice actress really c'mon. (btw if you are not into yaoi porny anime DO NOT WATCH BOKU NO PICO trust me it's for your own good) now we have the guy to the right of Pico (sorry i forgot hid name) he's from fruits basket monkey and I know he is a guy. At first I was like "wait... WHAT?!? " because he really looks like a girl but then I found out he just likes to wear women clothes sooo yeah he's a boy you guys. Next of Juuzou Suzuya (tokyo ghoul) for those how have not watched the anime the guy with stitches that looks like a girl is actually a guy. I knew from the start but I have to admit he looks like a psychopath girl but no he's a psychopath guy. He's so awesome, badass, love him. New we have Ranka (Ouran highschool host club) this is a bisexual MAN that cross dresses as a woman because hr likes it an also because he want to be a mother and father figure for his daughter. I think it's sweet but kinda weird at the same time. unique father indeed. Last but not least we have Gowther (Seven deadly sins) yes, he's a guy. I think even if he was a girl he would be equally attractive, I'll be honest I this he is handsome I mean LOOK AT HIM! HE IS A PINK HAIRED FOUR EYED HANDSOME BASTARD THAT LOOKS LIKE A DAMN GIRL!!!

Now with the "ladies " First of with Haruhi (ouran highschool host club) Ladies I'm sorry to disappoint you but that's a girl. ordinary smartass girl enters a rich kids school and join a host club made up of boys and now he cross dresses as a boy to pay his... I mean her 80,000 dollar vase that she broke. Did I mention she is Ranka's daughter? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Don't get me wrong they are totally different but they both don't bother wearing the opposite gender clothes. picture 2 that girl from Fullmetal alchemist (not brotherhood) I believe it like between the first 10 episodes? I don't remember I have a short memory. But apparently she is a girl. picture 3 whatever her name is from ouran highschool host club she is a lesbian girl from an all girls academy and falls for haruhi (she is one of many that falls for haruhi in both man and woman ways) OMG OK THIS ONE I JUST FOUND OUT!!!! Akito Sohma is... a.... GIRL!!!! This probably the most shocking this I've seen!! She is was raised as a boy for whatever reason. Gosh I had a crush on him... her.... whatever. Then thisss..... I really thought he was a very attractive asshole d*ck I still think she's is attractive in different way but i still think she is attractive as a boy way I guess...... Gosh dammit f*cking anime logic That's for reading if you liked this card don't forget to hit the like and clip button for more cards such as this one (if you want). Also leave in the comments below what are some amime guys that look like girls or the opposite. thank you until next time. Keep watching anime and reading manga.≧ω≦

I am a girl I love anime/manga I am kinda shy but later on with open up a little If you wanna talk to me just text me first, I don't read minds so don't expect me to text you.
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