Gentle Boys With Bad Behaviors Part 1

Inspired and based off of: @MrsChoiJunHong ~Thanks Dongsaeng <3

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*BACK STORY*When you were about 5 years old. You met a cute baby faced boy named Choi JunHong. But he eventually got the name, Zelo. He was your bestfriend through all out elementary school and middle school.Then hit High School. Let's say puberty hit him like a truck...His voice deepened, His features became more masculine. He basically became even more attractive then ever.But you only thought of him as a friend. A cute friend. You remembered how he would make funny faces at you if you were upset. When your parents went somewhere, He would bring you home as a sister. He would rather hang out with you then his guy friends. He would tell you everything, Every single detail just about anything!He was with you through thick and thin, Every pro and con, Like Peanut Better and Jelly. (Now Im Hungry xD)*PRESENT TIME*One grey, cold, rainy morning, You woke up to the vibration of your phone. Your eyes squint to the brightness of the device. Your read a text saying, "Hey (Y/N)! You'll look beautiful today. See you at later!"You blushed as you get up slowly. You sit there scrolling around your phone til you checked the time.


You jump up and go through your closet. You decided to just wear some skinny jeans and a plain black shirt with your hair straightened. You grabbed your backpack as you heard your mother and father yelling at each other. She says with worry eyes, "Bye~Have a good day at school."You roll your eyes a bit as you ignore them. You walk outside to a droplets of water falling from the cloudy sky. You grabbed an umbrella and walk to school.After about 10 minutes of walking, You noticed Zelo walking towards you."Hey! Wait up!"He runs under towards the umbrella as he holds his phone in his hand."Sup Girl..." He says with weird eyes. "I'm so sorry that was too corny." His cheeks flush bright pink as he rubs his neck in embarrasment. You giggled."You're too cute."He smiles lightly as he asks you, "So...How has your mom been lately?"Your groaned loudly, "Uhhh...She and my father are fighting...again."He rubs your shoulder as he comforts you, "I'm really sorry. Is there anything I can do about it?""Yeah...There is one thing.""What is it?"You gave him a helpless smirk, "Food."He chuckles as he says, "Alright. Anything for you."You smile as you kept walking.You finally arrived at school besides Zelo. He looks down shyly as a girl walk towards you. She had shoulder length jet black hair, Pink pale looking skin, Cute chubby cheeks and forest green eyes. She wore a white laced dress with a white cremed flower crown and a pair of lusterous black shoes."Hey! Would like to sign up for the kindness community?""Sure. I'd love too." You signed the paper as Zelo mutters shyly."May-Ma-May I...Sign it?"She smiles brightly as she hands him the paper. His hand shooked as he wrote his real name. She looks down at the paper then looks up at him. "Choi JunHong. I love your name.""Umm..I-I go by the name of Ze-Zelo." She shoots out her hand as he shook it gently."Nice too meet you Zelo. I'm Darlene; Darlene Coulier.""Ni-Nice to meet youShe lets go his hand with a smile. "Well. See you around!" She walks away as her hair flows in the wind. You hit his arm so carefully with excitement. "Someone's got a crush.""No! I don't like her!" He defended himself. His cheeks flushed a tinted vibrant pink.You smiled simply at him as you played with his buttons. "Darlene and Zelo sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.""Stop it!" He squirms cutely. You laugh as you head to your first class, History (EXO!).You walk into the room to see that same girl; Darlene handing out the lesson papers."Hey there Darlene!" You cheered.She kindly smiles, "Hi. Zelo's girlfriend right?"You try not to be rude as you pleadly defend, "Ah No No! We're just best friends."She giggles suprisingly. "Ah Alright. How long have you both have been friends?"You told her proudly, "10 long years. We have known each other since kindergarten.""Wow! That is a long time. How can you two be friends for that long and never get mad at each other?""Well...I have been mad at him before but he doesn't know. Don't tell him."She laughs, "Alrighty."*LUNCH*"Zelo! Zelo! Sit here!" You demanded him. He smiles as he eyes your attentions.He walks towards you as he looks up around you. He tilts his head down with shyness as he sits across from you. You look behind you to see Darlene walking inside with her group of friends. You smile as you look at him."Talk to her. Ask her and her friends to sit here." You whispered."I can't. She's too cute."He whispers back looking down.You turn to her as you asked her, "Hey Darlene! Want to sit here with me and Zelo?"She simplys smiles as she responds, "I'd love too. Can my friends come along?""Sure."All her friends gather around as they sit on both sides of the table; Darlene sits right next to Zelo. She kindly introduces her friends to us,"Guys, These are my friends, Jennifer, Carla, Bella, and Jade. Girls these are my playful friends (Y/N) and Zelo.""Hey!" They all tell us each, Making him blush.Darlene and Jade sit besides Zelo while Jennifer, Carla and Bella sit next to you, Squishing you."So Zelo, Is she your girlfriend?" Jade asked.He politely disagrees, "No No. She's just a good friend.""That's cute." She says with disappointment. Zelo sits quietly as he eats his food."Are you going to the dance next saturday (Y/N)?" Darlene asked."Umm...I don't know. I don't have a date."Darlene smiles as she says, "It's okay. I can set you up with a guy!""Oh Um, I do-""No Please! I insist." She begs. You sigh a bit as you look at Zelo. He nods his head in agreement."See but who though? No one likes me!" You told her. Zelo interupts her saying,"Who doesn't like you?! You're the world's most cutest person!"You blush as you head outside. "Hey I'm gonna go to the library. Want to come?" He asks with cute fluffy cheeks."Umm..Actually I'm gonna hang with them for a bit then I'll meet up.""Okay." He smiled.Darlene looks at a group of tall cute looking boys. She points at each of them asking which one should be your date."Brian? Zack? Ross? Devin? Sean?" She suggests. You point at one boy,"How about him?""Oh him? That's Gabriel.""He's cute." You thought. She walks towards him as she yells, "Gabriel!"She talks to him for a bit. You look behind you to see Zelo walking out. Darlene walks back as she says, "He says yes but he wants to get to know you better so he wants to hang out with you tomorrow after school."You smile as you wave goodbye. You walk slowly besides him as he showed you his book."It's about this girl who discovers this cool kingdom and finds out that those are her parents but was adopted by peasants.""Wow. That's cool."*AFTER SCHOOL*You walked with Zelo to your house."I'll see you tomorrow." He says."Bye Oppa!" You squeled."Wait!" He interferes. He run towards you as he asks you, "Who is taking you to the dance?""Oh just some guy named Gabriel." You told him with red cheeks."Oh Okay...Be careful."You smiled as you went in for the day.


Guess who's back?! I'm sorry I have been behind stories. I have been a lot busy lately with family, school and problems of my own but...

Thanks for reading~ And lots of love to everybody *sings SHINee's Everybody* (Sorry if short)

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