Have You Risen? To the highest and best version of yourself? If not, why not?

@Regrann from@soulightmovement - Often I become overwhelmed with passion and inspiration to do something beyond myself and 'change the world'. But the thing is, you and I and every little life form alive is constantly changing the world with every intention, thought, action, expression. In my experience, I find we must start with ourselves, loving ourselves, caring and that will radiate to those around us and inevitably ripple to the entire history of now and what is to be. You are powerful in your existence, make use of this life, be alive challenge yourself to confront your heart, your spirit and have courage in the face of your light, be. This life is a learning experience, forgive yourself and you will be able to have compassion for yourself and the world - https://www.instagram.com/p/BDZ1jWvtcLX/ Regrann App - Repost without leaving Instagram - Download Here : http://regrann.com/download

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