Which Girl Group Do You Belong In?

Happy Easter everyone. he Here is a quiz for all of you. This time which KPOP girl group you belong too. http://www.soompi.com/2016/03/21/quiz-which-k-pop-girl-group-do-you-belong-in/

I was shocked that I got AOA. It's really hard to see that I am in a center of attention. I don't like to be in a center of attention. I'm more of stay in the background type of person. But I am happy that I somehow fit into AOA. comment below on which girl group you get.

I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol
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