<Introducing the 2016 Q2 Vingle Moderators>

Hello Vinglers,

We are excited to announce the 2016 Q2 Vingle Moderators!

As previously outlined, the Moderators will promote the growth of the Community that they and their fellow Vinglers love. From April 1st to June 30th, 2016, Moderators will bear a lot of responsibility, so we ask all Vinglers to extend their gratitude and aid to the Moderators of their Communities.

feedback and suggestions

The 2016 Q2 Vingle Moderators are:

Fashion for Women -@cindystran

Beauty -@hikaymm

Funny -@danidee

Hairstyles -@HairConfetti

Love & Relationship -@sophiamor

Sports -@KyleBerke

MLB -@mchlyang

SF Giants -@DavidGom

Video Games -@paulisadroid

Marvel -@shannonl5

Supernatural (TV Series) -@LAVONYORK

Latino Culture -@alywoah

Fan Fiction -@MichelleIbarra

Kpop -@MattK95

K-Dramas -@kpopandkimchi

BTS (Kpop) -@KokoronoTakara

EXO -@PrincessUnicorn

Big Bang -@KwonOfAKind

SHINee -@VixenVivi

Monsta X -@JohnEvans

GOT7 -@luna1171

Seventeen -@MorganElisabeth

VIXX -@JiyongLeo

UNIQ -@MadAndrea

Cross Gene -@AimeeH

Travel South Korea -@Ticasensei

Jpop -@merryjayne13

Japanese Anime -@InVinsybll

Manga -@CreeTheOtaku

Dragon Ball -@SonTyler

Gintama -@Danse

One Piece -@Luffynewman

Naruto -@Tayhar18920

FairyTail -@Thatperson512

Congratulations, Moderators!

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