Community Quiz: What DIY Gift Should You Make For You Friend/Partner?


My friends and I aren't big on spending money on anything that isn't food and travel, so we always get creative with our gifts to each other.

My friend's graduation is coming up and I've been thinking of what I can make her so I wanted to make a quiz to help out some other people in my position.


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You and your loved ones keep your memories in photographs and videos. You love to document your adventures together.

The perfect gift for this kind of relationship is a photobook. It could be polaroids glued to a sketch book, or a really nice printed one from online.


You and your partner are visual people, but you want something more unique and timeless than the hundreds of photos you take.

Now, I'm no artist - but that's half the fun! Grab some colored pencils, paint, or maybe even make a sculpture out of clay!

Its all about making it fun and it is something they can cherish for a long time.

Remember that ridiculous cookie recipe you guys tried? What about the snack you two always shared during lunch period in high school.

Make a cookbook of those recipes so that you can keep all your funny food memories in one place. This is also a great gift for family members :)

You and your partner love to share feelings with music. Whether its to cheer them up, make them dance, or express your love for them - you two connect so well with mix tapes.

If you can't burn a CD or make a tape, try making a playlist and putting it on an SD card for them so they can still feel the surprise of new files without it being sort of a lame email :)


Does anyone else have good DIY friend/S.O gift ideas?!

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