Curvy Lookbook: 1 Dress Meets 3 Looks

Because curvy women are kicking society in the groin one curve at a time. It's officially time we start embracing all bodies. Style comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be a size 2 or a size 22 and still look fashionable. Don't get it twisted.

It all comes down to confidence and having great taste in clothing. It's pretty simple. Don't believe? Keep scrolling to see how this full figured beauty takes one dress and turns it into three trendy looks. It's all about taking what you have and working with it.

1 Dress = 3 Looks

- The Urban

- The Casual

- The Late Night

The great thing about fashion is that it is so versatile and you can literally mix and match so many pieces to create different looks. Why go shopping when you can mix it up?

Which look do you prefer?

Are you a fan of these kind of videos?


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