Wait... What? Star Wars Edition (NSFW)


Don't hold the elevator for Sith Lords.

I hear it's bad karma or something. Here are a few fail moments for the Vingle 'Wait... What' collection. I'm keeping things Star-Wars themed because The Force Awakens is out on April 5th and that's all my dad and I are talking about because we're old and nerds. So here we go:

Villainy doesn't pay, mister storm trooper.

Though I did hear somewhere that Hydra has a great dental plan...

Star Wars double-fail: 'Jedi' is already plural.

Jedies sounds like a weird new sexually transmitted infection you might get from too much time with Jabba.

Was it Poe? I bet it was Poe.

I don't care who it really was, I'm blaming Poe.


Who was paying less attention?

Luke, the stunt guy, or the person filming this shot?

No mention of how they taste.

They probably taste like the Force. Whatever that tastes like.


To quote that Christmas movie: "You'll shoot your eye out!" CAN'T SAVE THE UNIVERSE WITH ONLY ONE EYE LUKE. Just ask Nick Fury, he had to assemble a bunch of Avengers to do it.


Party on, Vingle fam!!!

And if you ever wanna get in on the wild 'wait what' action I'm sure@danidee and@LAVONYORK will be thrilled so hit them up!

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