Seek & Find (An EXO Easter Story, Part II)

So... this has officially run away with me and I'm not going to stop it. This went from being a oneshot, to something much bigger and I don't have a problem with that. Enjoy part two!

This is based on the screenshot game by@Sarabear1021 &@AshleyEmmert which you can find my results card here. You can find part one here.

Pulling everyone together and getting them to the site for makeup was from that point simple, everyone nibbled on their food as they rode, quietly finishing whatever food they had, and waking up fully in the process. By the time we arrived, they’d hit morning high, and I corralled them in towards their dressing room, feeling more like a traffic conductor than a liaison. I enjoyed my work, however, and managed to get them mildly occupied, so that I could put a bit of make-up on myself, quietly using a corner of the room to apply some powder and eyeliner, quietly poking at my imperfections as I went. I could feel the presence of someone behind me, looking over my shoulder, and I lifted my mirror to point in their direction, raising an eyebrow at Baek as he stared at me. “Yes?” I didn’t mean to sound quite so forceful, and considering it was my job to help, I bowed, shaking my head, my mouth expelling an apology. He lifted up my shoulders, and shook his head.

“No, I’m the one who is sorry. I was just interested in what you were doing over here… I shouldn’t have interrupted.” He turned quickly, his cheeks blushing slightly even below the make-up applied on his face. I let him go, and finished up my blemish fight, before re-assessing the damage in the room behind me. I was happily surprised to find that things were not nearly bad, and even had time and room to sit down for a moment, curling my knees up to my chin, silently watching as the boys moved as a well-oiled machine, cycling through the make-up and hair stations before finding a place to wait, mildly quietly, though I was pretty sure that was Jongdae with a camera phone, which meant he was potentially doing a v-app video. I got up quickly and hid away, knowing it would only cause myself, and the boys problems if I was seen working with them.

After avoiding the camera successfully, and waiting for what seemed like hours, we were ready to leave, and they got ready to leave. They hopped into the vans again, and I followed them over to the set. Parking my car, and hopping out, I was quickly reminded once again of why I never wanted to be the one being filmed by a camera. It took me a minute to pull myself together. There were people with lights, cameras, I wouldn’t have been surprised to find someone with one of those clapper scene markers. It was almost like going to a movie or drama set. I’d expected this, sure… I mean, I’d made sure to leave my camera shyness at home. Which, of course, is not really possible, and so as I headed to the Idol waiting zone, I dodged viewfinders and lenses as much as I could, and finally, after a couple tries, found where the boys were.

Somehow, in the ten minutes they’d been alone, they’d procured baskets already, having taken it upon themselves to find one for me as well. As I didn’t have the slightest idea where I would find another, I took it without an argument and put my hands out to quiet them slightly.

“There are a bunch of kids out there, so please be careful. This isn’t a competition, it’s just for fun. This is more for the kids than it is for us. I mean, it’s all for SM, but it’s for the kids too… The eggs… and that.” My big speech failed spectacularly, and I shook my head, gesturing to the open park. “Find eggs, don’t die.”

I couldn’t help but shrug, and then turned from them, walking away. I slowly began searching for eggs, determining myself to ignore them completely, I moved forward with a half smile on my face. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, I was just oddly determined to do it myself. I assured myself that it had nothing to do with the fact that I wasn’t admitting that I liked them probably more than I should have, but I of course, wasn’t admitting that. Right? Right. I couldn’t have gone more than fifty feet before I started hearing camera shutters to my right, I put on a smile and turned, the smile drooping slightly as I realized (not to my dismay?) that they weren’t taking my picture, but Junmyeon’s, who happened to be standing to my right, maybe three meters away. How in God’s name he’d gotten over there without me realizing, I’d never know, but it was good to know the cameras weren’t focused on me. I turned away and grinned as I saw an egg hiding in the grass beside a tree, I took quick steps to beside it, reaching down to pick it up. It was mildly heavy, I wondered what they’d decided to put inside them, and cracked the plastic open. My eyes widened as I realized there was money inside. I pocketed it, putting the empty egg in my basket, before turning to look for more bank eggs.

As the trees got more dense, nearing the edge of the park, I started softly humming to myself as I searched for more eggs. I’d found two more headed this way, and I was pretty sure I saw a metallic something up in a tree ahead. The closer I got the more I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to reach it, and I stood at the base of the tree and huffed at the crook, just slightly out of my grasp. I reached, moving up onto my tippy toes, stretching my arm before a hand came from behind me, grasping my prize in its fingers, and lowering it down. I turned to confront the person, but was surprised to find the shiny egg offered to me, proffered right to my face. I carefully took it, and smiled, seeing the face behind the hand. I thanked Sehun for his assistance, and gave him a small bow before looking around more, being careful to empty the contents of the eggs, not wanting to lose any of the odd prizes that were inside. So far I’d found about 30,000 Won, small picture tokens of the SHINee guys, and some of Girl’s Generation as well. I’d also found a download code for a Super Junior remix album, and in a particularly large egg that I’d been excited about, was a pair of rubber gloves with Siwon Choi’s face on them. They were a little creepy, and I wondered what I could do with them. Perhaps I’d use them to clean the toilets. I’d stuffed those in my back pocket, trying to ignore them for the time being.

I turned around particularly large tree and found myself face to face with Suho. Our eyes met and an odd sense of déjà-vu passed through me. My mind wasn’t wrong, either. I’d been in this position several times before but never quite… quite so close before. I couldn’t even put together words, and I was kicking myself mentally. It was like my brain had run away, and my heart jumped into my throat as I realized I’d just been staring at Suho, unblinking for several minutes. It passed fleeting through my head that he hadn’t said anything either, but for some reason, that wasn’t important. I could feel a blush rising in my cheeks, and I, for some reason bowed slightly, and turned to rush in the opposite direction. Or rather, I tried to rush in the opposite direction, and I was stopped rather abruptly by a tight hold on my wrist. I turned, eyes slightly wide as I looked, rather sure that the look on my face was either confusion or fright, hoping for the former. “D-did…” I started, grimacing slightly at the shake in my voice. I took a breath. “Did you need something?” My voice was almost foreign, kind of weak and shaky. Like I’d not eaten anything in weeks and I knew Junmyeon had a box of fried chicken behind his back. It was almost, no. It wasn’t needy. That wouldn’t make any sense.

He shook his head quickly, almost too quickly, and then looked down at my hand, switching his hold from onto my wrist to entangling his fingers with mine. Now I was sure my face held confusion. What was he thinking? This was new. Yeah the guys sometimes initiated contact, flopping arms over my shoulders or leaning their chins on my shoulders, or tugging on my arm, pantleg, ponytail, etc… but if they ever took my hand it was just a generic mitten hold, you know, like all of your fingers are together, and your thumbs cross. Playground hand holding, not… well it wasn’t like this. This felt like more, like there was more meaning behind it. When I looked up to search Suho’s face for any sign of what the hell was going on, I knew that there was in fact more meaning in it. He was still staring at our now entrapped hands, a small smile on his face, content. I couldn’t help but smile, and shook our laced hands. “Earth to Junmyeon…” His face lifted and his eyes met mine, and the peace that had been there moments before was gone, replaced instead by worry. I shook my head. “Stop it. I haven’t pulled my hand away or run away screaming, right?” He raised an eyebrow, but shook his head. I gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “Then this is fine. In fact, it’s pretty nice.” The blush raced back into my cheeks, and I looked down towards my feet, landing instead on our hands. That didn’t help. I saw Suho’s feet stepping away from me, and then felt the gentle tug of encouragement from his arm, and I followed quietly, looking around the area, pretending to search for eggs, because that’s why we were here, right?


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