Kpop Shuffle Challenge

I've been meaning to do this challenge for a while now, and I finally did it! Let's take a look at my results, shall we?

#1 How I will die Well then...

#2 Describes my love life Does that mean my love life is hot?? idek

#3 Song that'll be played at my wedding Fitting, I guess

#4 Add "in my pants" after the title Bang Bang Bang in my pants I can't *rolls on the floor and dies*

#5 Song played at my funeral Don't know whether to laugh or be confused

#6 Add " with a shovel and screwdriver" to the title Pretty Boy with a shovel and a screwdriver WTF?

#7 Describes your week Pretty amazing week

#8 My theme song Not complaining with this one

#9 Will play when I think of someone I love "I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken"

#10 Will play when I miss someone So sad


RIP Kim Jonghyun. You did well ❤ April 8, 1990- December 18, 2017
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