Looks I Love: Colorful Ombre Brows!!!


How did she pull it off?She shares this tip:

"Before getting them colorful, go over with a white pencil. That will make them lighter/white and the color will show off! Like a primer mostly and makes your eyebrow base white. I am sure it will look very strange at first, try making the head of the eyebrows colored first, maybe pastel pink and then fade into the black"

If you don't want to go for something so dramatic, of course, there are the WAY more subtle ombre brows that have been in for a while!

This really just involves putting a darker and a lighter color in your brows when doing them, and is meant to make your face look more dynamic!

Here's a tutorial for the much subtler look for this interested <3

You can definitely go much, much more subtle with this as well - just a bit of a gradient is enough to make a difference if you want to give it a try.

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