~JOIN OUR GUILD!!!! Fairy Dragons~

Come check it out if interested!!!

Our wonderful guild, Fairy Dragons, is looking for new members! What's a guild? A guild's basically a place where you can chat and hang with other Fairy Tail/ anime lovers! c: But we're more than just a string of people interested in anime. We all share bonds with each other and are closely connected!

If you are interested in joining a guild then look no further than here!

YOU MUST download WeChat to start chatting with us!

(WeChat works on all types of smartphones as well as other devices. It's just a way of group chatting with other people ^^)

Once you have downloaded WeChat and made an account, create a WeChat ID and tell us what yours is in the comment section! (It's very simple- if you need help getting everything set up PM me! I don't mind helping! c:) You can also tell us your phone number if you'd rather, but for privacy reasons, it's not typically encouraged.

And that's it! After following those steps, you'll be apart of us!!! ^^

( To maybe make things easier: My WeChat ID is LucyOfFairyTailGM )


-Be kind to everyone in the guild. We are a family. Once you are apart of us, you are one of us. Fighting between guildmates is prohibited.

-Keep things PG. Yes, PG, not PG13 ^^

-Try not to spam the stickers... Oh who am I kidding no one follows that rule c'x

-Be respectful! Just in general be respectful to everyone!

>>>Praise for my members!<<<

To all of the wonderful members I have had the pleasure to meet in the past 4+ months, thank you for creating a family that I would've never expected. Even though a lot of us seem to be caught up with all of life's responsibilities, you are all equally apart of the loving family I have been so lucky to know. I'm not sugarcoating any of my words when I say that. From all of our sappy guild moments to playful guild fights, I have loved the memories I have shared with you all <3 You will never be unimportant to me, you will never seem small to me. You are all deep inside the forest of my heart and NOTHING could ever change that. I don't think one could ever put into words how amazing you each are! And the memories I share with you are what help me remember how blessed I have been. So what do ya say??? Let's continue to make memories!!!!

I love Fairy Dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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