What Mad Fat Diary Taught Me About Loving Others & Loving Myself

If you haven't seen My Mad Fat Diary yet, consider changing that fast.

Disregarding the amazing soundtrack and hilarious script, the show touches on issues we all face everyday. Here are a few things I learned from the show:


1. Accept love

That compliment you heard? The stranger that smiled at you on the street? They may be fleeting moments in your day, but add them up and you'll see that more often than not the world is on your side. Accept it and spread it. You are loved.


2. Know what you want and don't be afraid to say it.

It's easy to miss out on something if you don't let the world know it is what you want. Whether its that new position at work or a date with that new boy in class - don't be afraid to hide those feelings. You're not selfish or greedy, you just know what you want in life!


3. Speak your mind

In the vain attempt to be polite young ladies, our society has turned into a passive aggressive mess when you don't know what people really mean half the time. This is your permission to be precise, speak your mind, and get to the point. If you're labeled a bitch, so be it.


4. Don't reject yourself



5. You need to be stronger than others



6. You always will matter to someone.

No matter how alone you feel, your actions, reactions, thoughts, and words, affect others. Even if you feel like your disappearance will not make a difference in anyone's life, you're wrong.

7. Everyone is an idiot

Yes, even you, even me. We all say, do, and think completely idiotic things (some more than others.) Don't beat yourself down for slipping up - learn from it and grow!

8. Lose your cool sometimes

There are some things that happen in life that make you want to jump on a sofa a la Tom Cruise, to scream at the top of your lungs, to dance around the house in joy. Lose yourself in those moments. If something excites you, don't try to chill, BE EXCITED. There is nothing embarrassing about being passionate about life.


9. You deserve to be happy

No matter how down on yourself you feel, everyone deserves to feel safe, happy, and loved. Never tell yourself that you can't.


Now go out there, wonder babies, and rule your world!

Hello, I am Sophie! freelance writer and coffee addict. Get ready for tons of posts about dating and kitchen design hahaha
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