What is Sex Positivity?


I'm positive it's not about having sex all the time.

Here's a good general definition of sex positivity: The idea that healthy and explicitly consensual sex is a good thing.


Sex positivity does not mean 'having lots of sex'.

Sex positivity is about changing our relationship with sex. For a very long time sexual activity has been stigmatized and coded as bad or wrong. The truth is that sexual feelings and activities aren't abnormal- they're completely healthy and there's nothing wrong with people who enjoy them or engage in them. Just like there's nothing wrong with abstaining! What matters is respecting either choice.


Sex positivity doesn't mean supporting all kinds of sex.

Since an important part of sex positivity is respecting choices, anything that violates someone's consent is NOT sex-positive. That means having sex with minors or anyone else who cannot consent is the opposite of sex positivity. It's rape.


It's not about myths or lies.

There's a lot of negativity associated with sex, and a lot of it comes from misinformation or lies that have been spread about sex and sexuality. There are still some sex ed programs that state that condoms don't prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (not true!) and there are crisis pregnancy centers lie to patients about their medical status. Sex positivity is about supporting honest and open conversations about sex and sexuality. Without shame or scare-tactics.

Sex positivity is about stopping the shame!

It is both a personal choice (I choose not to make anyone feel ashamed of their relationship with sex), and a political one (I will not support laws that restrict the safe and consensual sexual practices of myself or others). It's about having a healthier relationship with our bodies and ending the harmful myths about sex.


How do you practice sex positivity? ^_^

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