Are The White Sox Ready To Lead AL Central?

Hey guys, back with more baseball news to help you prepare for upcoming season on the diamond!

The White Sox have been one of the teams on the outside looking in for the better part of a decade. Over the past five years, they have opted to develop their farm system and avoid big spending in the off-season.

This off-season the team went against the grain and made a couple splashy moves. Are they ready to turn the corner?

There is a lot to be excited about when talking about the White Sox 2016 team.

In regards to hitting, the team has one of the most exciting young prospects in Jose Abreu. He wields a big bat and could become an MVP candidate in the next couple of years. The team made a nice move and added 3rd baseman Todd Frazier to the fold. The NJ native is an effective hitter and will force teams to pitch at Abreu.

Pitching has been a questionable spot for the franchise, but their could be light at the end of the tunnel. Mat Latos was once a player who had Ace potential, if he stays healthy, he could be a nice arm in the rotation. Chris Sale is arguably one of the top 5 arms in baseball. Jose Quintana is an emerging young player who throws hard.



Do you think the White Sox will turn the corner in 2016?

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