The FBI Can Now Hack Your Phone: What do this mean?

Well, if any of you have been keeping up with the Big Apple vs. FBI case. Here's a quick summary--

The FBI wanted to hack an iPhone to potentially get info about San Bernardino shooter.

Here's more if you need it:

FBI vs. Apple: Why This Case is a Big Deal

Well, the FBI has dropped the case now. And are reported they can hack the iPhone on their own.

What does things mean, again? Well, it raises a few questions.

First, who helped the FBI do this?

Second, are they going to share this with Apple?

And lastly, what does this mean for future cases?

Big Corps versus the government! Who do we trust! Privacy versus safety! We are unclear what the legal precedent that was set here... Because the FBI just did it anyway. Maybe Congress will step in and say something, maybe they won't.

Until then...The privacy debate wages on. And the FBI hacks into more and more.

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