Text Text Killer 45 hours and counting

The next few hours you were nervous not because if the story or the text messages but because you have two boys in your house with you. "so where's mom and dad?" jungkook broke the uncomfortable silence "Wells moms is in jeju-do visiting the grands" you responded "and your dad?" suga added "He's working till tomorrow" you told him "Ahh" the both said in unison trying to not be awkward but it just happens so quick you then decided to get up and get food offering them some jungkook said he'll have some while suga passed the offer. you went into the kitchen and started to text the others "guys help its awkward here need guidance" you said mentality as you start spamming them

after legit 5 mins of talking you start to get upset as they give you no help "you guys are legit no help like really your friend comes to you for help and you cant help?" you scold them mentally you send one more text message of anger only to get this response

"idiots" you said out your mouth "who's a idiot ?" you hear a voice say you look up to see suga coming in with a curious look on his face you give him a "its nothing" response as you put your phone on low "so... about those text messages" suga started off "ah yeah i calm down now thank you" you replied "ah...I'm glad but its not that " he says looking down at his feet "okay then whats up ..haha ..?" you trailed off worried the thought of some possibly killing you was not something you love to think about. "well i want to know if you think the texts are real like not a prank" he replied nervously. you start to get worried as to maybe he knew something but shook off the thought and said "ah..i have but like the guys said it might be a prank" you responded "ah...okay i just thought you might think so cause i heard on the news an-" "do you know something?" you cut him off him asking you questions and mentioning the news seems to real. "i might...know someth-" he gets cut off by a voice jungkook comes and ask what you guys are doing giving each others looks you both deni what you where talking about. *doo doong* another text comes "who is it?" suga ask you give him a shrug and start too look at the text *bingbingbigng* more texts come in. your phone goes crazy with messages you look and jungkook and suga who where having the same problem but there phones where on vibrate.

you start to get hit with flashbacks of the news and what suga said while freaking out on the inside. deep set of fear comes to your mind as you respond back to them hoping its still a joke and maybe its April fools.

confused and upset you remember you got a message before your phone blowed up you went to go look and to your surprise your nightmares are happening.

your breathing starts to get heavier and heavier almost hyperventilating you hear jungkook ask if tour okay but you ignore whats going on

"hey whats with the messages ...(y/n)..(y/n)" suga calls to you Jungkook starts to come near you "NO DON'T TOUCH ME" you scream out loud startling the both of them

you keep texting him making the guys worry more by the look of your pale face

the sounds of jhope whimpering hurts your heart you start to sweat and freak out and snap at him

you start to go and sit back on the counter the you look up to see the boys speak to you but you cant hear you vision gets blurry and your breathing gets slower as this happen you get a phone call. *ring ring* "hello" you answer the phone weak sounding your hear a voice call your name "H..hello?" the voice says scared and tired "J..JHOPE" you scream jumping up the boys look at you confused and worried as you. talk to him on the phone. "J..Jhope are you okay where are you?"you tell him "..." he stays silent you hear foot steps come twords the phone as the sounds of him crying comes out if his mouth "No go on talk its okay" the voice on said in the phone you try to see if it sounded like someone you know but it was to well hidden "(Y/N)...tell the hyung and dongsaengs i ...love them " you hear him struggle to say through tears "Jhope ...where are you? I'll come get you ...il-" "NO JUST DO WHAT I SAY" he yells while crying cutting you off you start to cry and tear up as jungkook and suga come closer to you jungkook hugs you while suga pats your back as jhope talks to you more "(y/n)..hyhyung hyung is a very good person okay?" he says confused what he said you responded "what i don't understand " he try to talk to you again but the phone was taken away "(y/n) HYUNG IS A GOOD PERSON OKAY (Y/N) HYU-" sounds off guns shooting can be heard from the background you jumped after each shot starting to cry hard "there you had your chance to talk to him ...now its tome for fun" the voice said the phone was set down and you awaited what happened. "AHHHHHHHHH" sounds of jhope screaming can be heard through the phone you start to panic and yell "J HOPE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM PLEASE STOP " you hear him stop scream as foots steps walk towards the phone again "put the phone on speaker " he says you do as he says as your hear him walk towards jhope and starts to talking to him " Sing the song jhope " the voice rells him but nothing comes out "oh you dont want to?" *boom boom* sound of gun shots could be heard and whimpering as well. "whats that ?" jungkook ask but you stay silent "SING THE SONG" the voice screams and jhope starts singing "i love you..." "you love me.." "we're a happy family.." sounds of crying can be heard of each word jungkook and suga are listing terrified and confused at the same time you just crying. "were you kill us off..." "one by one..." "Hyung what are you saying whats going on ? stop that your scaring (y/n)" jungkook calls out but no answers him "do..do...do..do...starting with.." you didnt know what to do or what was happening but the only thing you did was tell him "Jhope....I love you se you again" jungkook and suga both look at you confused as he says "Me..."

sounds of jhopes screams and cries can be heard as the song he sang was over the screaming went on for about 5 hours untill dawn came in as you jungkook and suga both stand there shocked and frightened as the screams where over. the foots steps walked towards the phone "that was fun!!" he said happily which gave chills down your spine jungkook took the phone from you as you sat there not believing what happened "YAH you bastard WHAT WAS THAT WHO ARE YOU" jungkook yellled at him "i just wanted to play and he's my friend ....well was my friend hehe...he told me to skin him alive so i did and then poured alcohol on him haha..." "w..what you basters you KILLED HIM?" jungkook couldn't believe his ears "yeah" click goes the phone jungkook yells at him but it hung up before anything went to him "we...we...have to call the police " jungkook said at the sound of what he said you start to get dizzy as you were walking to sit down suga catched you before you fell but you took one more step and boom you fainted "(Y/N)..Y/N)" jungkook screams hour name suga called the ambulance as what happend may have killed you mentally *do doong*


wpoo that was alot


looks like i fanilyy killed a character off yass


i mean poor jhope


sorry its fun for me and im tired and lazy i have to study etc blah so



i hope you loved this


good lets move on shall we


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