Time flies and school sucks... Kinda

I've seriously been wanting to do own cards to show off and improve my artwork and maybe one day maybe even make my own manga whether it be heard by little to no one or everyone. I've been moved before in reading a manga called Fuuka and it really got me drawing again and reminded me of my one card collection here and also reminded me of what I want to do. Hopefully school doesn't get so busy again but then again its my last year in highschool. Thank you for those reading this small story of mine and I appreciate all comments on how to improve my sketches

Yes I know it's weird and I don't know why I ended up drawing a dumb looking Naruto right underneath a sketch of a mouth I was practicing on. I didn't mean to put it so close or even draw it. I only meant to draw the mouth but go ahead laugh I think it's funny too.

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