One-Shot [Jimin]

You had called Jimin twice, leaving voicemails telling him how much you wanted to see him right now. He was at a photo shoot for his comeback you saw pictures of the members and clips of their silliness on Twitter. The thing is you had a day off but Jimin had to work, that was the thing though, every time you had a day off Jimin had to work, It was very annoying. 'Bing!' your phone beeped letting you know know the boys had posted a Bangtan Bomb. You clicked on the notification and it took you to a screen the boys were being silly. You smiled sadly at how you wished you could be with them, unfortunately the fans will probably go crazy about you being there, lets just say that you and Jimin agreed on keeping the relationship a secure from them fans. After a few minutes another video was posted. It was Jimin inviting A.R.M.Y. to play on the swing he was on, alone. Yet again, a small sad smile made its way onto your face. "Jimin-ah.... I miss you" you whispered to the screen. ♛SOME HOURS LATER♛ You had fallen asleep on your bed, suddenly "Hold Me Tight" by the boys ringed out of your phone. You smiled, the singing part that came out of your phone was Jungkooks', not Jimins' and he would always get jealous about it, so every time you promised to change it, it was always another members part. "ah, shoot!" you said as you day dreamed while your phone rang. Finally you responded. "Hello?" you asked into the phone, "Hey! jagi! I'm done with the photo shoot so i was wondering if you would like to come to the park where we shot...?" he asked hopefully, "the members left already." he stated before hearing your answer. "Uh, yeah, I was just sleeping actually... I'll be there in a fe- wait. No. Jimin? the fans?" you asked, worried about Bangtans' reputation. Jimin swore under his breath, then laughed, "you're right! I'll be home soon and we'll go to a park where no one can see us. okay jagi?" "Yes Jimin, I love you." you stated, "I love you too~! " he said as he how hanged up. You loved your boyfriend so much, even though you had to be careful with your relationship, you loved seeing him whenever you had the chance.

-@LysetteMartinez -@CuteBabyLay -@CrystalGuerra Thank you for reading!!! um (4/7) next will be our hope, J-HOPE! I'm actually quite excited for Hobis'. sorry for taking a long time in updating, I've just been lazy. anyways I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys the playlist that I used while writing this so ⇩⇩ • "On My Mind" by Royal Pirates • Outro: "Love is not Over" by BTS • "Hold Me Tight" by BTS • "Too Fast" by Royal Pirates • "A" by Got7 • "Adore U" by Seventeen again thanks for reading!!

☏Super Junior☏ ♥SHINee♥ ◇ BTS ◇ ∞ Big Bang ∞ ♛EXO♛ ₪F(x)₪ ☆Nu'es☆ †Seventeen† ♡Got7♡ & I think I forgot some but Idc talk to me if you'll like I have nothing better to do
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