Bitter sweet love~ chapter 1

hello lovely vingles! Today after being soooo lazy I decides to just post the first chapter of my very first fanfic! also besides that I have a few news I'd like to share with you guys! so stick till the end of this card to find out what the news is! I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter! please tell me if you liked it and a few tips on writing fanfics haha okkkkk let's get started!


Min-Joon- "Appa, Appa!" Dad- "yes, in the kitchen, Min-Joon!" Min -Joon- "Guess what!" Dad- "What is it Min-Joon?" Min-Joon- "There is going to be a talent show at school next week! And I'm entering!" Dad- "Oh! That's great, I will for sure be there to cheer for you!" Min-Joon- "Thanks, you're the best dad!"


Everything went blank, this was only a memory...

Min-Joon could not let got of his father's body. Instead he went back to all those precious moments he had with his father. But deep inside he knew his father was now gone and would never come back. His mother tried calming her devastated son but Min-Joon just shoved her away. Min- Joon's mother was 8 months pregnant, and like her son, she was also in much pain knowing her baby boy wouldn't be able to know who his father was. one month later, baby Min-Hyuk was born and Min-Joon loved his baby brother very much. He cared for him and protected him always... Life was harsh the first few months. Mi-Joon was someone totally different. In school his grades were low and he started to be cold hearted towards his classmates. All of those friends he had, Min-Joon slowly and harshly started to push them away. They often stayed around even when he would walk away. They often tried to talk to him... they cared so much about him until one day they lost their last hope and faith in him. When that day came, Min-Joon was finally in peace. He hated so much nagging, all he simply wanted was for everyone to give up on him just like his dad had.

But did his dad really give up on him? Was he wrong for thinking that? OK!!! So that was the first chapter! I hope you guys liked it!


1)OK so just yesterday I got my new phone! I'm so happy about it and I love this phone. It was pretty expensive but hey.... it was totally worth it! I pretty much know how to "use" it butttttt I don't know how to take screen shots (ToT) hilarious right so if you guys could tell me how then I'd be very grateful. I got the LG G Stlyo so if any of you have the same phone then please help me out! haha 2) Tomorrow I take my Reading STAAR test! Also if some of you also take the test then FIGHTING! LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH AND JUST END THIS SCHOOL YEAR WELL! (/^▽^)/ OK guys that's it! if you would like to be tagged for the next chapter tell me in the comments section ^.^ Tags~@princessunicorn@misschimchim or also if you'd like to be removed from the list then tell mehhh (^.^)

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