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There was a rumble downstairs, the kind you’d get when something really big falls precipitously fast to the floor.

Seokjin leaved his toothbrush on the edge of the sink and tried to listen again, but there was only silence greeting him back, utter and complete silence that only felt like bad news. So he leaved the bathroom as fast as he could and ran down the stairs.

-Jagi? – you were no answering so he continued his way to the living room. –Baby girl are you alright? Did something happen? –

He was starting to get worried, already going on his mind through the places of the house you could be in before he stopped physically and mentally to the sight in front of him, frozen at the entrance of the living room, his lips slightly parted in confusion and he blinked twice trying to understand how that could happen.

He didn’t need to look anymore for you or try to guess what on earth had made that much noise because there you were, standing in the middle of the living room with the biggest apologetic smile he had seen on you since the month of december started and covered, not, more like entangled in a good bunch of the christmas lights that were supposed to be adorning the christmas tree you both had done three nights ago and said tree was lying messily on the floor, the red rug was all crumpled, the little snowflakes, silver drops, stuffed plushies and every single thing that was hanging from the tree was now scattered around your feet, one of your hands was holding one of the tree’s branches and the other had the star that was supposed to go in the top of it. The star was flickering while going on and off until it decided that the best thing it could do was to die in your hands.

-I was just trying to fix the star, it was falling to the side and I…- He could hear the little quiver of your voice and he was at your side in no time, untangling you from all the lights and taking the star away from your hands.

Seokjin pulled you to him and involved you between his arms, pressing your head against his chest and placing a little soothing kiss on your hair.

-Are you alright Y/N? –

You nodded, hugging his middle tightly and trying to fight back furious tears. -I am… but our tree is not… –

Jin caressed your back up and down. He was mildly surprised, just mildly, since this was just another one of the Christmas decorations that had come crashing down in the house after you tried something with it.

-We can put it back up Y/N, don’t worry –

You buried your face on his bare chest just a little bit more, letting yourself calm down with Jin’s warmness but couldn’t hold back the words that leaved your mouth. – I‘m like ruining our Christmas Jin! –

-Hey, look at me – Seokjin cupped your face between his hands and smiled reassuringly at you, it was that bright and tender smile that always managed to melt everything inside you. –You’re not ruining our Christmas; we’ll only have to put it back up ok? I’ll do it later –

You were a little annoyed at to why this always happened to you, as if the universe decided you couldn’t be around any Christmas decoration. –Why not now? –

Seokjin’s smile grew wider but this time it was different, a little mischievousness was playing around it and his hands started to go down on your body until one of his arms was behind your back and the other one behind your knees to lift you up. –Because I still have to cover you in good morning kisses –

You giggled and held onto his shoulders, forgetting the fallen and almost broken tree momentarily so your boyfriend’s lips could pamper you properly.

You had moved together about a month and a half ago to a different city and to a brand new house away from the places and the people you knew until now.

Everything was new and exciting, and you had come to a level of stability with each other that you loved; it felt great to wake up next to Seokjin, fall asleep on his arms and find joy in trivial little things like picking the paintings for the walls of the place you could call yours.

But even with all those good points in its favor, moving was also a little hard and you noticed it even more when December came and all the streets were adorned all Christmassy and Jingle Bell was playing in almost every store you stepped in, because you were used to spend that time of the year with your family. You loved Christmas and everything related to it but you were feeling a little homesick and your boyfriend knew it, so Jin being the type of person he was, tried his best to make this time the more special for you. He knew your love for Christmas and he shared it too, so soon enough your new house was filled with all type of Christmas related items.

Both of you wanted to keep it intimate and enjoy a nice stay at home, have a good festive meal and take pleasure in each other’s company. But he quickly learned that it was safer to keep you away from the practical part of getting the Christmas things done.

The first time something came crashing down was when you were adorning the front part of the house, hanging the lights and a few decorations on the windows and the door. Jin was standing on a little stair so he could reach the top part of the windows. It was in the blink of an eye, neither of you could avoid it nor save it to say the least. You were in charge of connecting the lights after Jin hung them and when you where about to do so one of the ends was too short and you stepped back more than it could handle and well, the ticking and crashing of the long row of lights when they bumped on the ground was the next thing both of you heard.

It was fixed after of course, just a matter of buying more lights to replace them and a handy work from Jin while you stood in the kitchen making hot chocolate to help him warm up after spending part of the night outside. But it was worth it, since now your house was prettily illuminated with the little lights.

After that, it was the Christmas garland on the front door after a too strong push, the little porcelain Santa Claus with its corresponding elves and reindeers that were once adorning the coffee table after a hardcore dancing session from you; then it was every single thing adorning around that he couldn’t really keep track of after you knocked over the large sized tray of ginger cookies he had done, twice.

Accidents happened and Seokjin had always had the infinite patience of a saint and a well established weak spot for you, so he laughed them off over your dismay and discouragement, because he also knew you were trying to make these christmas meaningful on your own way and that it had to be terrible that you were going around knocking everything down, so he kissed you and sang soft christmas carols while picking everything up with you not so far behind. He would not have it any other way and today wasn’t the exception.

-It looks… - Seokjin was holding your left hand and his fingertips were caressing the back of your hand playfully, you could see a quirky smile taking over his lips when you moved your eyes to him. –Acceptable – he finished at the same tame you said – Terrible -

-Not terrible – Jin pulled you towards him and you side hugged him.

-You’re a terrible liar you know that, why do you even try? – you were trying to contain your laugh and Seokjin gave in, he laughed wholeheartedly and shook his head.

-Ok, ok, maybe not acceptable, but terrible isn’t the word I’d use to describe it either –

-At least is up – you looked longingly at your tree, the poor, poor tree. It was kind of leaning to one side, the star at the top didn’t twinkle anymore and half of the ornaments were broken or somehow crumpled. – barely…-

- That’s all we need – Seokjin hugged you fully from behind now, his arms surrounding your waist softly on top of your thick knitted sweater (his thick knitted sweater actually).

You giggled a little, snuggling inside his arms even more. –You only say so because we can’t replace it on time -

-Nah. It’s our first tree and it’s special – he turned you around to see your face, his fingers combed back part of your hair and rested on your cheek. –I still won’t replace it even if we had time and it wasn’t Christmas already –

That was the last word about it. So on christmas night you had dinner sitting at the foot of the barely standing tree with its broken and crumpled ornaments and the star that didn’t really twinkle anymore.

You were sitting in the living room in front of the window and staring outside, your eyes following the little snow flakes falling peacefully from time to time. Your legs folded against your chest and your chin on top of your knees.

In a way, the month of December had gone by incredibly quickly; you couldn’t even believe it was already New Year’s Eve, while simultaneously it felt like the days were the longest you’d had. Your phone was lying next to you since you had just called home and it was as good as it was bad. Good because you got to hear a little bit of your family and bad because that was exactly what made you miss them the most, so it was a conflicted kind of feeling, loving where you were, loving your new house, your new city while at the same time terribly missing what you had.

And you didn’t want to bring down your first Christmas alone with your boyfriend because of a little homesickness, because it wasn’t like you didn’t want to be there with him or that you didn’t appreciate everything he had done to make these holidays special for both of you because you did, and you knew you were the luckiest to have him.

You sighed and moved your head so you could rest your left cheek against your knees and you discovered that you weren’t alone. Seokjin was resting against the wall with his hands on his pockets and serenely observing you. He looked so good in all black, with his stylish dress shirt, pants and tie and his smooth auburn hair pushed back to show his forehead.

You smiled softly to the sight and the little jump that your heart made, and when your eyes met his, you were sure he knew what you had been thinking before you noticed his presence. You stood up, remembering that you were still not ready at all compared to him.

-I’m going to change – you said, but Jin caught you before you could walk past him. His hand was holding your wrist and you turned to see him.

He had that knowing stare and was silent for a minute. It had been enough time shared with one each other to pick on almost everything with just a single gaze, and Jin knew the thoughts conflicting your mind.

You turned your hand on his hold and intertwined your fingers with his. –I’m really happy to be here, I hope you know that – you said, and you meant it. Jin smiled lovingly and pulled your hand to his lips to place a kiss on the back.

-I know –

You stared into each other’s eyes for a little while before he started to walk with you towards your room.

-I want to take you somewhere – he said when he stopped at the entrance. You turned around confused. Midnight was so close already. Where could you possibly go?

-Right now? –

-Yes – he was smiling the way he did when he was keeping a secret. –Don’t put your dress tonight, use something warm ok? I’ll be waiting downstairs for you –

He leaved you to change and you did so as quickly as you managed to, picking a little sparkling pouch with your keys, cellphone and a lipstick just in case before leaving.

-Jin? – you found him near the front door, waiting for you with his coat on already and yours on his hand. He helped you put it on and covered your neck with a thick scarf. –I guess I shouldn’t put my heels either – you said calmly, not really asking.

He laughed softly and placed your favorite knitted hat on top of your head. –You won’t need them. Let’s go –

When you finally arrived to the place Jin wanted to be, you looked at him expectantly, not really holding back the smile. He seemed to read the question in your face but only held your hand stronger and started to move with you across the crowd.

He took you to a popular public square that you had visited a couple times before, but that now was beaming and buzzing with the joyful of the crowd and the cheerful energy. Everywhere you looked at there were Christmas lights and decorations, people had gathered there to wait the arrival of the new year and there was even a big screen with a clock ready for the countdown.

-Come – Jin stopped and signaled his back for you, you instantly stood on your tiptoes and surrounded his neck with your arms, jumping a little to coil your legs around his hips so he could hold you. You were smiling despite the chilly air and Jin couldn’t ask for more.

-I thought it would be good for you, to be out of the house, see a little more –

You took another look around the square, the energy was certainly contagious and you snuggled on Jin’s back. –I know you miss home Y/N, I know everything’s new and unknown and…-

You moved to place a kiss o his cheek and shushed him softly. –Shhh – Jin stood quiet, his arms were holding you firmly and you placed a second kiss, this time on the edge of his jaw.

-This is my home now – you felt him take a deep breath and just barely noticed in the back of your mind that the final countdown had already started, but all of it was background noise because right there and then, there was only Seokjin and you. –Our home Jin. And yes, I miss my old house, and the city and our friends, but you know something? I wouldn’t change this and I wouldn’t trade you for anything else, not now, not never-

He released the breath he was holding and smiled ever so slightly, delightedly, until a laugh escaped his lips.

You looked up at the sky, at the counting clock, at the little lights illuminating you, at the people around and you were sure. You didn’t need the decorations, you didn’t need the tree standing up straight, you didn’t need the perfect planned Christmas dinner or half of the things you left behind; you only needed the boy that was carrying you currently on top of his back to have the best Christmas ever. It was a realization that you couldn’t deny.

-I wouldn’t trade you for anything else either Y/N-

The clock was going down fast, midnight was coming and with it the new start. You pressed your face against his cheek and laughed, thing that made an interesting contrast with the silent tears that were now coming down your face.

-I’m happy Jin – you whispered softly ad his arms tightened their grip on you, holding you close and steady as he had always done; holding you even before you could start thinking of truly falling. –I’m happy with you –

Seokjin smiled widely now, his cheeks had a light pink for the cold air and he turned his head a little to meet your watered down eyes. –I love you baby girl–

You laughed even more and were sure that a few more tears escaped your eyes when you started to nod frantically and in love, not really finding your words because the emotions bursting inside you were too much.

The clock hit twelve and the cheering around was deafening, breathtaking. But for the both of you only the other mattered.

- Happy new year Y/N! -

Jin leaned closer and you moved as well to meet him halfway, his lips were only able to pronounce that before you were pressing down on them with love and tenderness and a new load of emotion for him.

It was the happiest Christmas, you decided, with your arms around his neck and kissing him through it in the middle of the crowd, because it was a year for you both, a new year that you were starting in the more righteous way, in the only way it could possibly be; together.

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