WTH Wednesdays: Mazeltov


On this edition of WTH Wednesdays, we're talking about ZE:A ridiculous debut track Mazeltov.

Mazeltov is Hebrew/Yiddish for basically "congratulations"

Listen below and see some English lyrics - WHAT is going on here?!

Some English lyrics:

"Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl"

"Mazeltov try to be strong, Mazeltov try to smile,

Mazeltov, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday"

"Latin girl, Mexican girl, American girl, Japan girl, Korean girl, make it fantastic, make it magical"

Granted, this was released in the era of Kpop when it was all about the electro beats and not really about the lyrics...

Glad that ZE:A has gotten past this era :D

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