I haven't been reading

so I've been busy and I haven't catches up on the fanfic and I need to so I'm going to ask one important one A HOPEFUL LOVE story OR something like that has it Been up dated. I'VE also Been waiting for the V and Jungkook stroy the one where Jungkook dating Jimin but V likes jungkook snd he like him back something like that and Suga found out about V and Jungkook an got upset i think its that one lol FORGOT WHO DID IT BUT IT WAS ONE OF YA!!

It so hard to remember which one ugh its been so long but DAMM!!! Work and my own fanfic got me busy especially work Anyways Oh Oh THINK IT'S..... IDK! there a lot of them. Ya'll should know lol i mean because i spazzed in the comments. SO PLEASE TELL ME AND RETAG ME BECAUSE I'VE GOTTEN TO MANY NOTIFICATIONS AND I HAVENT GOT TIME TO GO ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY BACK SO YEAH COME ON ANSWER ME!!!! HEEEEEEELLLLLPPP!

So yeah....Um ..... Anyone know any good fanfic about a Ship (Idolxidol) because I really like those.....hmm....yeah I miss spazzing lol

YES YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO BUT MAKE US FANGIRLS HAPPY!!! DAMN IT!!! . . .... ......... ............ ............... this picture make me laugh here spazz with me with some meme under us

HERE LOOK AT THIS AND LAUGH And tell me where are the PornFic.... I mean fanfic... FAN.porn.Fic (-_-") Don't judge me .. lol


Ravi I told them man I said can we have more fanshipsFic and like I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY because I'm busy. GIVE ME MY PORN-HENTAI-NO FANFIC LOL IT'S PORN LOL XD JUST WITH KPOP IDOLS XD

Hahaha haha haha Now give me The fanfic and no body get killed maybe....idk...lol

ROFL AYYYEEE!!! see what I did xD

Life goal! with my Bias lolTaglist TIME!!!!!! Laugh! with me! lolMy Sista!♡

 The Homies hehe.!

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