Chapter 2: Mission - Locate, Retrieve & Get the Subject to safety

©StarrySurprise Shit shit shit!!!! I looked at my was almost 6:30 pm. Damnit! I'm already running late. Thank you very much I shouted glaring at my alarm clock sitting on the bedside table innocently. I splashed my face with cold water, pulled up my hair into a bun without combing telling myself there was no one to impressed & rush out. On the way I realized I hadn't even check the mail so I had no clue how the pretty boy look. I calculated the time & figure I'd reach the airport by 6:50. That gives me about 10 minutes or so to check the mail. Thankfully, the traffic was merciful for once & I manage to get to the airport on time. I parked the car & hurriedly took out my mobile to check the mail. As I watched the pic load slowly, I gap & swore...fcuk! this kid is a looker alright! No wonder, Jerry mention about crazy fans. I mentally facepalm at the thought. Looks like I'm getting promoted from babysitter to a bodyguard...yay me I humor myself. The buzzing of the phone jolted me back from my wandering thoughts. It was an unknown number...I picked the call & said hello. Is this Nat? A deep voice on the other end asked. Yep...who is this? Oh hi...this is Mark. I was told you'd be picking me up. Just wanted to let you know we landed. Will be out once I get my luggage. I'll be exiting from gate no. 3. Buzz you when I get out...he added Oh great, I'm already here. Will wait at gate number 3 then. See ya... It was chilly, so I pocket my hands & waited. A bunch of people was crowding at gate number 3. On closer look, I notice the crowd was filled with teenagers. Who is so important that they are willing to brave this cold huh! I thought to myself. Forgetting about pretty boy fans been a noob in this kind of idol scene. 15 mins & still no sign of Mark. I fiddle my phone since I had nothing to do. Another 5 mins passed & I heard screams. Startled I look up to see the crowd going crazy. The kids screaming & pushing each other to get closer to whoever was in front. I walked a little away as the screams was starting to strain my ears. Poor soul I thought. That scene looks quite painful tsk tsk tsk... I looked at my watch again...damnit! When is this Mark coming out, I'm freezing here brat I murmured frustratingly. I scanned the gate again but I couldn't see pass the insane crowd. Ahhh! Seriously... "MAaaark!!!!" someone screamed from behind, push-passed me & run towards the crowd. WAIT WHAT!!! Only then it clicked me, that "poor soul" I was pitying was none another then my pretty boy...Oh dear lord! I rushed towards the crowd only to find blocked solid by life sucking fans. PERFECT!!! I curse sarcastically. Well, this called for drastic measures...I step back, hands on hips I shouted on top of my voice. YAAAAAAY!! The crowd went still for a sec & all the young eyes turned towards me...even some passerby stop & looked at me. Even Mark looked up & stared at me. Probably thinking I must be some crazy fan of his. NAT I mouthed. Then with a straight face I yelled... MARK! GET HERE!! Taking advantage of the stunned crowd, pretty boy quickly disengaged himself & hurriedly walked up to me. I knew he was amused & laughing inside that dark glass, hooded & all. By now the fans realized the situation. Yay! Who the hell are you??? a cocky fan among the bunch challenged me. If looks could kill, like literally, these fans could. For all I know, they were all giving me dead ray stare for taking away their precious idol. Either ways, I'm was not taking that cocky attitude... Who the hell am I??? Pssst...How old are you kid addressing me like that?? I fired back. Not-so-cocky-now kid cringed & murmured Sorry. Look! I understand you want to take his autograph & photos...But you got to behave. No pushing & pulling alright! You got 5 mins & we're outta here after that. Now get in line asap, I ordered. Thankfully, the kids listened. Everyone got their autograph. I clicked them a group photo & asked them to share. Then quickly pulled Mark & rushed to the car. Put the luggage in & drove out of the airport. All the while, the pretty boy only smiled & went along with me. I let out a sigh of relief after we got into the highway. Having some peace of mind now I realized I haven't really introduced myself. So, I turn...only to see Mark still smiling looking at me. He sure got a pretty smile... I rolled my eyes...ok ok you can stop that now. I know I acted a bit of an uptight chaperon out there. But hey! we'd taken forever to get outta there if I hadn't done that, I shrugged. Anyways... hello again...I'm Nat, at your service for the next 2 weeks *Ok that didn't really sound right, did it...anyways...* Nice to meet you, Nat! And yeah...I intend to make full use of your service for next 2 weeks...pretty boy smiled mischievously. *Cocky are you least you won't be boring I thought at the back of my mind* I smirked & told him 'We'll see about that' while my inner goddness laugh 'Ha! You just might regret saying that boy!!' He was about to say something when his phone rang... Yo! Jackson...yeah, I reached....heading man....pretty boy got busy talking to his mates... I looked at the stretch before me...Aaahhhhh! looks like this babysitting is gonna take a toll me I sigh as I drove towards Mr.Lee house.... -----------------------------******-------------------------------- Author Note: Yay or nay?? Like & Comment your thoughts!!

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