V I.P: Entrance Truth

"Hello...yes...right now..ok""What happened?" "GD called. Everyone is meeting, including the M5K" "What!!?" "Go home, I will see what happens, but Oh Ja-ni, i cant promise you anything right now." "Its whatever, the truth will eventually come out of the dark.""Thank you Oppa" "Any time, lil sis"*my dreams wont go on.*

Seungri I couldnt believe that he was a she this whole time. Why would she lied to me? This is ridiculous. "Did you called Everyone?" GD looks at me serious. "Yes" *What's his problem* 20 minutes later... everyone started coming in to my house. "Everyone we need to break a news. As you guys can see J.J is not present." GD said. I groan and GD gives me an angry sight. I look away. *She aint here, cuz she is a girl and a liar* "We found out a news which took us by surpise amd it will towards you" "Man, just say it already" GD came towards me very angry. "Seungri, you need to keep your fucking mouth shut, who the hell are you to tell me of how to do my job, huh. Is either you back down and bury your bitchy selfishness with you, or else i would." I look down and kept quiet. Never saw GD this angry, even worse scold me this way. "J.J is a girl you guys" GD ended Only M5K gasp, everyone else just stood still and looks away. "You guys knew?" Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Alex lift thier heads up and shake thier heads yes. "Why you guys never told us?" "Seungri, why your acting this way?" TOP said. "Ya man. She had her reason's." Taeyang added "So what, she should've told us" "But if she did, she would never took us this far" The whole M5K said. I look around and saw which is true. Have i been this selfish? I saw how far M5K climbed, and its true. J.J did alot of work. I stand and left to them and went straight to my room.

GD Seungri leaves and go upstairs. That ignorant little brat. He can sometimes be a pain in the ass. The boys kept on talking about J.J but my ears dont want to listen. Im actually worry about her. She seemed broken. But i wonder, what are her reasons. "Taeyang?" "Yes Jiyong?" "We need to know, of what are her reasons?" Taeyang sighs and sit down on the sofa. Everyone stood quiet. "Oh Ja-ni hid her identity for music. She was actually rejected from the music school in LA. So we came back to try to show her music to a music company. But then she saw YG auditions, and wanted to to try, since she made it in. She kept herself hidden till her music is shown to the world." "But now it won't happen. She is very devastated." TOP said. "You guys know she will be removed from the group and YG." The M5K groaned and pouted. They want her to stay, but as my responsibility I have to announce this to the CEO. And it wont be pretty. My life just gets lovely by the second. The next day I left early from the house to YG house. I knock on the he door and enter as the CEO leta me in. "Sir, I need to talk to you about something." "If it's about J.J, no need to tell me!" "How did you knew?" "J.J, came this morning, and she told me everything." "So she is out?" "What do you think, GD?" "Can i say somethin" "Spit it out." "Why not form a group with a girl in it?" "Are you fucking crazy Jiyong!?" "Just think about it. Her music, and her lyrics. We cant loose a person so talented like her. Plus, a all guy group with one girl. That's something new." "I don't know Jiyong" "Come on, think about it... please" "Fine fine.. I'll talk to some agency and see the decisions. But i cant guarantee nothing" "Yes sir" I left the office with a small hope to see if she can still make music. That girl may lied, but she is really awsome. As i walk down the hallway, she came across my mind. I grab my phone and call her, but it says that her phone is disconnected. I grab my car keys and drive to her building. I knock on her door. I knock and knock, but nothing. Then the door opens. "Hello, is Oh Ja-ni here?" "No, She never came back since this morning." "Do you have any idea where she might be?" "No, wait?! are you Kwon Jiyong known as G-Dragon?" "Yes I Am" "Ohh god, please come in." I enter inside and we both went into the kitchen. He serves some water and then he sat across from me. "My name Tony, and we been roommate since LA." "Nice to meet you. Your korean is good." "Thank you, J.J helped me alot." "Thats good, glad she did. Well im actually in a hurry. I am glad to accept your invitation but if you hear from J.J, please tell her to call me" "I will. And its awsome to meet you GD" "As Well." I leave the apartment, and head home.

"Heyy Oh Ja-ni" "Ohh Hi Taeyang." "Its Late!! What you doing out here in the dark?" "I dont know. Thinking." "Thinking about what" "Leaving." "LEAVING!! WHERE?" "Im going back to the states. I thought this would work. But all i cause was trouble. I already quit from YG. So theres nothing else. My mom hates me too. Im going to try New York. Hopefully something" "Oh Ja-ni, Do you think its a good idea?" "Taeyang, i want to thank you and the boys soo much for this awsome expiernce. Especially to be able to meet the greatest worldwide boy band. But i need to move on to whats better in my life." "OK. Just promise me you write to me?" "Of course silly. I got your number. Just promise to always take care of my mom." "Always. Now come on. let me walk you home."" Whats wrong with you, boy?" "J.J, you have no idea who came?" "Who Tony?" "Kwon Jiyong" "Wait, GD was here? Why!?" "Looking for you." "Ohhh.. ok. Im going to bed" "Oh Ja-ni?" "Ya?" "Promise you will become happy?" "I promise Tony.""Hello" "Ive been callimg you all night. I was worried." "What do you need?" "Can we talk, please?" "Theres nothing to talk about?" "There is... where are you?" "My place." "Ok great, im like aroumd the corner. Come downstairs. Its important J.J" "Fine""Come on.""Oh Ja-ni.... hmmm I think i like your name than J.J. But why you never told us of who you are?" "Cuz i was afraid you all will react like Seungri did" "Seungri is still a child. He sometimes gets selfish. He will soon get over it." "Well, he wont worry much. Im leaving Jiyong." "Your leaving? Where?" "New york. I want to start new" "You cant leave." "Why is that?" "Two things." "what are does?" "One, i asked YG CEO to try to keep u into the grouo and two... well your in love." "Love" I giggled. "With who" "Me and Seungri.""Is why you cant choose us between. You got us tangled into one heart"


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