Sooooo I Never Knew Exo Went To Hogwarts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (explains a lot tbh)

If you want to know your house, here be the link^-^ Check out your housemates when you're done^-^

I GOT GRYFFINDOR! I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS! (Also I am part of the Weasley Fam sooooo yea)

Let's just talk about his quidditch status (keeper and captain) ^-^ Go Baozi Go!

Of course he's in Hogwarts...I mean he's part unicorn. Where you been?

He's the leader of his house and the founder of D.E.R.P... I should join......

Transfer student...

He would be in Gryffindor....Js

Alright pointing out that he's in Slytherin. And he speaks Parseltongue but his lisp prevents him from speaking it well...Its cute when he tries though.

D.O has the most amazing voice in the frog choir..But we all knew right?! He has no ranks or titles because he is mostly quiet and keeps to himself.

This turd got to choose his house. Smh

Kris...I have nothing to say lol

How is he in Slytherin?! And he has a cute obsession with muggles.

Gryffindor's other seeker and captain...EVERYONE IN GRYFFINDOR LOVES HIM!! Bruh I gotta take notes on his apparition skill...I be failing that class.

Ravenclaw's seeker...

I hope you all liked this;p (I am aware that the birthdays are incorrect, they are specifically for effect of this card and student identification)@drummergirl691@Isolate@kpopandkimchi@merryjayne13@MsLoyalHeart@KaylinJones@BTS282236@jenjenkhreim@summerblack2@Ercurrent@BiancaMason@Izab3lla@JadeOwens@AnnahiZaragoza@Maddie27@tinafalcon22@SarahVanDorn@BrookeStam@syd4tomato@Lizzeh@vivian06@TesneemElAlami@Konnor@KeziahWright@unnieARMkeY

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