Rocket League Basketball Update Coming Next Month!

The Rocket Leage Twitter just announced that the Basketball Mode for the game will be coming in April! That's so soon! It's like it's a couple of days from now!

That's because it is!

I doubt that it'll be coming out exactly on April 1st -- my least favorite day of the year -- but it's still pretty soon. And I bet all you guys who play this game should be pretty pumped for the new car-ball-sport game mode that's coming to the game.

I tried my hardest to save the .gif they posted on their Twitter but apparently once you post a .gif to Twitter, they change it to an MP4 file which is a video file and not a .gif at all. But you can sort of get the idea in the screenshot I took above.


How many of you guys are gonna start playing Rocket League Hoops once the update comes out?


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