Kpop 30 day challenge days 26-30

I know i have been late on this, but my phone does not want to use photos for this app so I'm using my computer instead.

My favorite hairstyle on guy biases are guys with calm, and soft hair without any chemicals in it or anything. Just simple, natural hair.

My favorite hairstyle on girl biases are girls with hair that is down and wavy. No accessories, hairspray, clips, or pins in it. Just the hair is good enough for me.


My favorite kpop "bromances" are first of all, Donghae and Eunhyuk of Super Junior because they really care about each other and they are just so funny when they mess with each other! They even protect each other from the other Super Junior members if they try to hit on them or something very provocative that is just too much for me to handle! Next, Sungkyu and Woohyun of Infinite because they are always there for each other and they have such a great time with each other, not to mention, Sungkyu feels that he does a better job with his profession when Woohyun is by his side. That just proves that these two are really close and they just truly love each other. Finally, Kim Jonghyun and Key of SHINee. These two are just like divos that are not only funny, but also super attractive as well as talented. My bias (Key) reminds me of a princess with a bunch of servants and and a beautiful mansion that he lives in even though he only lives in a small apartment with his two poodles Comme Des and Garcons. Jonghyun on the other hand reminds me of a king that acts like a young teenage girl obsessed with her phone full of music that he loves (not to mention, he has such an incredible voice when he sings). Anyways, those are my favorite bromances!

The kpop artist I look up to the most is BoA. Her voice is awesome, and i find it really cool that she knows English and Japanese as well as her home language of Korean. She even has Japanese singles as well as an album in English. Her recent hit was "Kiss My Lips" and it sounds great! I cant wait to see what she does next!

All kpop idols have nice smiles, its hard to choose just one or only a few!

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