Miscommunication Part 30

Towards the middle of the concert a piano is rolled onto the stage and the crowd goes wild. Junsu steps out to it and addresses them. “These past few months, due to an unfortunate circumstance; I’ve made a new friend. I just found out that the unfortunate circumstance has finally come to an end. While helping this friend through the situation, I began composing this song. This will be the first time anyone will have publicly heard it; the first time I’ve sung it with the lyrics so I hope you'll bear with me.” He smiles a little in embarrassment as he gets “aww’s” from the crowd. “I’m going to ask my hyung Juno to come back to the stage and record it. Hyung?” The crowd cheers as Juno walks back out onto the stage and waves. He settles himself down at the front of the stage so that he has a view of Junsu as he sings and plays. Before he begins he mentions one more thing. “You know that moment when you first meet someone and it feels like your heart just started beating for the first time? I give you Heartbeat. I hope you enjoy it.” Heartbeat Living a dream when you walked in Misled to think I had it all Knowing it could all one day fade away Chorus: You opened up my eyes, made me realize That my heart wasn’t truly beating Your passion so true, the closer we grew You’ve made each day worth repeating. Such simpleness in your truth What love shown in your small acts A better man I will prove to be If only you would stay with me Chorus: You opened up my eyes, made me realize That my heart wasn’t truly beating Your passion so true, the closer we grew You’ve made each day worth repeating. Be by my side from this moment Help me to live and grow Keep this tired heart of mine Beating under your control. You opened my eyes Stay with me. Help my heartbeat. The audience is on their feet and it takes Junsu a minute to collect himself before he stands, smiles, and thanks the crowd. Tears pour down your cheeks as you close the Skype connection Juno set up for the performance. As a confession, there could not be a better one in the world. He knows the song touches you, brings you peace; now hearing the lyrics, it all comes together. Your heart hurts with so many emotions you’re afraid it'll burst. You can’t stop the tears and you find yourself laughing with joy. Your phone rings, it’s Juno. “You can thank me later,” no hello, no pleasantries. “Oh my God Juno, I didn’t know…” “Yeah well, like I said, the two of you can thank me later. Wait, are you laughing?” “And crying; I’m just so happy,” you try to explain. “Ugh, women. I have to admit though; it would be nice to have a woman do that over me one day.” He clears his throat and continues, “Okay, ready for the second part?” You listen intently as Juno relays the rest of his plan to you. When you hang up the phone you rush to take a shower and erase your tears. Now if you can only keep them from falling once you have your make-up on. After the concert Juno makes the same trip down the hall to Junsu’s dressing room. This time Juno dismisses every one and takes his seat from last night. “Did the video turn out?” “Without a doubt.” “So it worked?” “Better than you can imagine,” he smiles to himself. “Have we heard from Joon-woo yet?” “Uh, yeah, he called me while you were still performing. I got the address from him and sent it off already. If all goes well, you should hopefully hear from her by morning.” “Did he say where she was?” He stares straight at Junsu and lies, “He said the tracker isn’t working. Sorry dongsaeng.” He quickly stands and heads to the door, “Get changed, we’ll go have dinner.” “I’m not hungry.” “And you know you need the protein and energy for this tour. No arguments, ten minutes.” As they pull up to Juno’s home Junsu makes a smart remark. “What, so I’m allowed to come over tonight? I must be in really sad shape if you’re cooking for me.” Juno pats him on the back as he unlocks the door, “I don’t intend letting you get drunk tonight. Why don’t you go have a seat in the living room?” At the sound of the door, you stand nervously from your position on the couch. You aren’t sure what to expect from him, but you know what you hope for. Junsu is talking over his shoulder as he enters the room, “Let you wait on me? I like that.” He turns and freezes when he sees you. From behind Junsu, Juno smiles, and shakes his head. “I think.... I’ll just let the two of you get reacquainted.” At the front door he stops, unable to resist a last jab. “And dongsaeng? No sex in the living room, there’s a perfectly good bed in the guest room.”

Disclaimer: The song Heartbeat is written by me for this Fan Fic and has no affiliation with Xiah Junsu. Please do not use anywhere else without permission. @Tiffany1922@KpopBeat@KiKi29@Jinnyrod3@Ammagrande@NadineEsquivel

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