Korean spring fashion 🌺

The first Sleeveless Pleated Hem Dress, I seriously like how Koreans pull of such pale colors. Since I'm more of a tanner color it doesn't fit as well but i love fashion so i like trying things.

The second is a white baseball jacket, this jacket will help with toning down colorful styles that are worn during spring.

A cute floral pleated chiffon blouse is the next item for spring. Its cute and simple and it goes with leather pants that i love. And that is all folks for my fashion tips. List- KpopINT Chairs:@bbyitskatie@MichelleIbarra@Sailynn KpopINT Fam:@amobigbang@daniimals@elaynethtrumpet@Gaarita100@JohnEvans@ILikeHisFace123@LenaBlackRose@ParkHwaYoung@parktaemi@reyestiny93@Stefany17@tayunnie

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