Hello Again, Vingle K-Drama!


Hello again Kdrama Community :D

I'm Kimchi, and I'll be moderating for another quarter!!!!

Between the hospital, studying for TOPIK, and issues at work I feel like I didn't give this awesome community the love it deserved last quarter.

That's all going to change!

Now that all that craziness is behind me, I'm throwing myself back into the world of Kdrama.

Here's some of what we have in store!

Monday/Friday: DOTS UPDATE



Tuesday: Real Talk Kdrama

hereI need help.


Wednesday: WTH Wednesdays

Because SO MANY THINGS in Kdrama makes you want to say "what the hell?!"

This is a day to talk about the ridiculous things done, said, worn, or whatever in Kdrama!

Thursday: OTP Thursdays

Celebrating our favorite OTPs! I will TRY to post couples that don't involve Seo In Guk, but no promises ;D

Saturday: OST Saturdays

OST Tuesday posts

I'm no expert of OSTs so feel free to post any and all OSTs you love on these days! The more the merrier!


There is ALWAYS room for more events and I'd love to hear what you guys want to do!

Man Crush Mondays and Female Crush Fridays (Thanks@VeronicaArtino!) were really fun so we could always do those again too!

Thanks for having me for another quarter and I can't wait to see what we can do for the next 3 months :D

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