Day6 Breakdown

Hey peeps, leximintkgtopty here what's up sorry I am a little late. I got in to wontaek for a minute. so back to day6, they are band that just had a comeback. they all play instruments and are fantastic singers. here we go.

This is Park Sungji aka Sungji. He was born Jan 16 ,1993. He is leader, guitar, and main vocalist.

This is Park Jae Hyung aka Jae. Born Sep 16 1992. He is main guitar, vocalist, and rapper. Born in California.

This is Im Jun Hyuk aka Junhyuk. Born July 17 1993. He is keyboardist and vocalist.

My bias has a English name Brian Kang. or Kang Young Hyun aka Youngk. Born December 19, 1993. He is bassist, rapper, and vocalist. born in Canada.

This is Wonpil or Kim Won Pil. Born April 28, 1994. He is a synthesizer and vocalist, of course.

Yoon Do Woon aka Dowoon. Born Aug 25, 1995. He is the drummer and maknae. awwwww cute maknae.

Ok here are some of their songs. The one with mv

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