{WW} Battle Husbandos Reverse Harem

Sorry I haven't made a WW card in a couple of weeks. I've been busy with some things. This week the waifu theme is battle!

First up is En Yufuin

From Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Honestly this anime is kind of weird but that's why I like it and Yufuin is my personal favorite. He's the Flashing Prince, Battle Lover Cerulean and his given element is water

Roy Mustang

Full Metal Alchemist Oh snap, someone call the fire department cause we got a fire up in here So if you didn't get my puns, he uses alchemy to snap his fingers and create sparks of fire. One thing that's brought up a couple times is how useless he is in the rain. But when it's high and dry, Roy is a total bad a**.

Rin Okumura

Ao No Exorcist He's so cuuute! I can't get over how adorable he is. He's pretty cute, for being the spawn of satin.

Death The Kid

Soul Eater For being asymmetrical garbage, he is pretty fricken hot.


Magi I fangirl over Sinbad every time I see him

Well that concludes my card for this week. I hope all you fangirls enjoyed. Till next time Tagging the WW crew:@hikaymm @invinsybll@Yatosgirl@NeckoNecko@DustinAtkinson@BlackoutZJ@KillerJuggalo38@ShinigamiSan@KoalaKohai@Animefanatic18@Firelion999@JadaDiemand@assasingod@NikolasSatterwh@NeshrinFletcher@tayhar18920@tbell2@tylor619cruz@CalebSharp@ThomasJennings@Danse@Slimbrown13@kawaiiporpoise@DaiGakuSei@AidanGiannattas@ChristianRankmo@MajahnNelson@MarcusCollins@Craigness@VoidX@Soulstice@pervysagex@Colonellinguis@JessicaFerrier@ChrisStephens@TaviaSwarney@JohnMcCullough@ChildOfSparda13@NoahTrexler@PASCUASIO@patmanmeow@AimeBolanos@AshChrimson@IvanDiaz@ILikeHisFace123@TylerCinamella@Janxsalas

I'm an Otaku that likes to draw and can be a little lazy at times. I love yaoi so please excuse my burst of fangirling.
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