3 Daring (Impractical?) Lip Looks!

impractical lip looks

1. Rhinestone Lips

A) This would take forever to apply

B) You probably can't eat

C) You probably can't talk

SO beautiful, but not practical!!!

2. Winged Lips

Let me start by saying I ADORE how this photographs. They look so cool!!!

But I just can't see this not looking a littttttle Joker-esque in real life? There's just no way I wouldn't feel silly. Granted, maybe I'm just too shy?

I guess for this look it really is going to depend on your natural lip shape: I don't think I would notice anything odd about this look if you have fuller lips than mine, or if your top lip is fuller than mine is at least! For me, I can't see it balancing out correctly.

3. Two-Toned Lips!

the one look that could probably work in real life!

Why do I think it's impractical then? Because the colors are going to blend together in about 2.5 seconds unless you have a crazy amazing lip product, and then you are going to have to do touch ups all day long. Seems frustrating, but this is the only one of these three looks I would consider trying!

What do you think of these bold styles?!

My verdict: perfect for photoshoots, editorials & high fashion, but probably won't make it into my life!

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