How to Plan a Family Fun Day on a Pontoon Boat

Aside from the dos and do nots for a pontoon boat day, there are numerous fun ideas you and your family should try:

• Explore: Instead of visiting the same place every time, mix it up and boldly go where you haven’t been before.

• BBQ: If your pontoon boat has a BBQ on it, why not enjoy a beach BBQ?

• Scavenger Hunt: Invent a scavenger hunt where you stop at various places and solve clues. Will there be buried treasure at the end?

• Mega Raft: If your friends all have pontoon boats and families, tie up all the boats together and make a mega raft.

• Waterproof Camera: There is no better way to capture the day and take some memorable underwater photos.

Whether you’re aiming to find the best way to sunbathe in style on the water, fishing for an angler model that doesn’t cut any corners, or seeking a stylish and comfortable boat that’s backed with some serious muscle, Manitou can find the right boat for your boating needs. To get started, take a look through our buying guide. Browse different floor plans, options, and color packages to determine which of our luxury pontoon models suits your boating needs best. You can also request a brochure of our 2014 models, and find a Manitou dealer near you with the Manitou Dealer Locator.
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