Chapter 3: Re-Union...sleep overs...

Here you go ✌✌---@mari7@KristinaCaron@MaritessSison@VIPFreak2NE1 Mr & Mrs Lee came out as we drove up the driveway. I could literally see them beaming standing under the light on the pouch. They came rushing & hugged pretty boy the moment he got down followed by the 'Omg! You have grown so handsome you have become...session' As I watch the re-union happening before me, I thought to myself smiling, they sure dot this kid. We finally manage to get inside & got on to my favorite part of the evening, The Dinner. As always Mrs.Lee cooking was to die for. I hogged down like I hadn't eaten for days forgetting the guest bit. I didn't realized the amount of food I ate until I looked up & saw pretty boy looking at me with an amused expression on his face. Good going missy I mentally smack myself. We chit chat for sometime talking about Mark, his band - GOT7...what he wanted to do this holiday so on & so forth. Mr.Lee made sure I was included in the conversation telling Pretty boy I was family & of course my eating skills like it wasn't embarrassing enough already. I just laugh along while I mentally shrink into peanuts. I tried to excused myself for the night but good old Mrs.Lee insisted that I stay & join them for a nightcap. I had to drive back so I refused the drink but agreed to stay on for some more time. We moved to the fireplace once dinner was done. Mr & Mrs Lee sat on their usual seats while I went for the double seater next to Mrs.Lee. It was my seat whenever I came & stay over when Mr.Lee was away. We shared many stories over this seats, I smiled at the thought & curl-up making myself comfortable on the couch when Pretty boy came over & asked me to move over so he can also join me in my seat. Huh! You want to sit here? I asked while I pointingly looked at the seat across which he intentionally ignore. I can't sit here??? Pretty boy replied raising his eyesbrows & giving me that innocent smile. Well...ah hmmm...of course you can I said & moved aside giving him some space. Pretty boy sat down & got comfortable. More like, way too comfortable & too close for my comfort. I could read the mischief behind those eyes. This kid!...what is he up to now? I muse at the back of mind. Ignoring his taunting, I sat there listening to stories from Mr & Mrs Lee..... I heard someone called my name gently. I looked up & came face to face with this angelic looking being. I smiled & run my hands across his face my eyes still half-closed thinking this sure is a good dream...I frozed in between, WAIT! that feels too real. I frown & pinched his cheeks to make sure... OoooooUCH! That did the trick. It snapped me out of my dream. 'WHAT THE.....!!!!' I jump back to the corner of the seat trying to make sense of my surroundings. The seemingly angelic being started to laugh seeing my expression (which I'm pretty sure was priceless) only then it hit me. I swore...Can it get any worse. I need to get outta ASAP like NOW!!! I told myself. I looked around for Mr & Mrs Lee but they were nowhere to be seen. I looked at my watch & it was already past 11:00 pm so obviously they retired for the night. Why didn't you wake me up? I asked annoyed & irritated. Hey I just woke up about 5mins back myself. We must have doze off while gramps was narrating some stories pretty boy replied with that lazy laid back smile. Ok, I'll get going then...I got up & straighten my clothes. What! U're driving back at this hour alone? Pretty boy asked surprised. Yeah, no big deal I shrugged. No are not driving back alone at this hour pretty boy said with a serious expression. Huh! Relax kid...I've driven home much later then this & got around to retrive my bag. Nope...not under my watch. Either you stay or I drive back with you. Pick one! WHAT! I laughed. No way...I'm not staying here. Ok then I come with you...Pretty boy stood up & grab his jacket. You're kidding right? I asked now amused. Nope! You have a guest room? Yeah... Perfect, let's go... Wait! What! Hold up hero...Don't tell me you plan on staying over my place, I replied hotly. Yep...Why? What do you mean WHY?? I'm not letting someone I hardly know - stranger sleep over...duh! Hey I think we have cross the stranger bridge. You slept on my shoulder for the last 2 hours or so. That has to count something...Pretty boy tease. Oh Shut Up! You are not coming with me. Nope..either you stay or I come with you. That's it! I'm serious, Pretty boy said sternly. Pssst...stopping bossing me, I hissed back. I'm sure gramps would agree with me. He's gonna smack me if I do otherwise, he added. Geez, quit been dramatic... AAaahhhh...FINE! Let's go! I said frustratingly & started walking towards the exit with pretty boy tailing behind. Didn't take us much time to get home with the night's traffic. I grumbled as we drove back while pretty boy just smiled which irritated me to no end. I gave up half-way seeing how pointless it was. Nice pad you got here, pretty boy said assessing the apartment as we got in. Hmmm..Thanks! The guest room is on the left from the hall. Want to grab something to eat before you crash? Nah! Think I'm good... Ok then, go ahead. Will bring some fresh towels for you in a bit. Pretty boy walk towards the guest room while I rush to grab the fresh towels from the cabinet. Can I come in? I asked as I knocked on the door. Sure.... Here...anything else you need? Nah...just my Good Night Kiss, pretty boy pouted. Uffff! I rolled my eyes...GOOD NIGHT MARK! I turn & slammed the door behind me. I heard him laugh & yell good night. As I lay down & stare at the ceiling... That kid is Trouble with Capital 'T' I told myself. Looks like this babysitting job is gonna be more troublesome then I thought, I sighed as I slipped into my dream.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Author note: Are you liking the story so far?? Comment ur thoughts... Thanks for checking my story!!

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