Friendship and Love pt.5 (BTS fanfic)

I'm so sorry I haven't posted these chapters. I've been trying to get my creative juices backHERE

"You okay?""Hey? Are you okay?""Hyung do you think she's going to be okay?""Yeah. She will be okay""I'm sorry for interrupting you guys""Nah it's alright""It doesn't matter. But are you alright. You look like you fell pretty hard.""Lemme help you up""S-sorry""So what's your name? I'm Namjoon""I'm (y/n). Nice to meet you. ""I'm Jungkook but you can call me kookie. You don't have to though."Thank you for helping me up. I'm sorry for being so intrusive. But you guys sounded really good""Thank you. We are just practicing and stuff. Right Jungkook?""AHH yes we were just practicing.""I can tell..""oh my gosh! The time! I have to go. I'll see you later?!""Alright who hasn't met her yet? Now you know a girl""Hyung..stop!"


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