BTS: Red Love Triangle Chapters 10, 11, 12

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Becoming a Man

Everyone was so happy tonight even though Jimin was missing out of action. The whole crew were out together enjoying the night. The boys surprised their girlfriends and had the whole park covered in lights and rose petals. They had dinner and danced all night. Jessamine quietly put away her phone. She was ignoring the threats Jimin was texting her for the past 4 months. She kept it to herself not even Namjoon knew. She feared what he would do to Jimin. Namjoon grabbed her by the hips and rocked her slowly while standing behind her leaving no space between her backside and his front area. She could feel his hard on and she giggled. "Nam stop it." "Naw, you got me going crazy baby." He whispered low in her ear. Tae suddenly tapped his glass with a fork. Yoogni lowered the music. Tae scanned the room. He grinned and then cleared his throat. "You all know Koko and I have been dating for a bit. I love this girl." He ran his hand through his hair. Koko was nervous and she pulled on her red sundress while holding her breath. "Baby will you marry me?" Tae said while pulling out a ring. Everyone gasped. Koko was silent then she rubbed her head. "What the fuck Tae...of course I will marry you baby!" Koko squealed as he put the ring on her finger. "Ah bro look at you being a real man!" Hobi said while slapping Tae in his butt. Everyone laughed and Yoongi began playing some slow music. Koko and Tae began to become lost in each other as they danced.

Behind the Tree

Namjoon was chasing Jessamine in the park. She was cracking up as Namjoon almost slipped on some wet leaves. Jessamine grabbed him and he fell on top of her. "Ah my plan worked perfectly." He laughed. Jessamine playfully grabbed his butt. They continued to play around them suddenly they heard these low moans. They got up and quietly hid behind a tree to listen closely. "Ah Maddie you know what to do." Hobi gasped. Then Maddie made noises but not with words. This gulping sound echoed. Jessamine blushed and grabbed Namjoon hand. Namjoon face was red. What the fuck he lipped. Jessamine shook her head. Suddenly Maddie spoke. "Hobi I fucking love you." "Baby I love you too. But let me show you." He said. Suddenly, Jessamine and Namjoon could hear Maddie and Hobi moaning and grinding. Jessamine thought she was gonna burst from holding in her laugh. I can't believe this. Maddie...Maddie I had no idea she had it in her. You go girl ride that horse. While Jessamine was laughing silently at her friend Maddie Namjoon began rubbing Jessamine through her tight white shorts. Jessamine gasped and slapped his hand away. Suddenly Jungkook and Sely were walking through the park. "You are full of shit Kookie." Sely playfully laughed. "Well you about to be full of me baby." Jungkook said with a devilish grin and deep voice. He pushed her up on the tree that Namjoon and Jessamine was hiding behind. Namjoon grabbed Jessamine and covered her mouth. Jungkook began kissing all over Sely’s chest and yanking at her legging. He was getting frustrated because they wouldn't move. Then suddenly you heard a rip echo. He ripped her grey leggings. "Jungkook!" Sely yelled. “ Hush babe, I will buy you a whole fucking store of leggings." Jungkook gasped. Jessamine bit down on Namjoon's hand. He yelled in pain and slapped her butt. The noise scared Maddie and Sely. "What the fuck is that?" Maddie said while looking around. "Don't mind it Maddie." Hobi gasped while trying to continue. Sely looked around the tree and seen the couple. Namjoon had a weird smirk on his face. Jessamine jumped Namjoon from behind causing him to fall. "You two were there the whole time?" Sely said. Namjoon rolled over so that Jessamine was sitting on his front side. "I got you now!" He says while grabbing her huge D boobs. "You two are perverts!" Sely said while blushing. Maddie walked over to Jessamine. "You two are crazy." Jessamine grinned and gave Maddie a high five. "You go girl!" Maddie blushed. "Yeah I got that boy tamed girl!


SHIT IT'S ON LOCK. BUT I KNOW HER CODE.Think Kim Namjoon....she hates numbers so the code should be simple for her to remember.....What the fuck!To think I was worried about this asshole and he making daily fucking threats to my woman. Imma fuck him up good.Maybe I do just need to cool it and wait until I speak to Yoongi.Namjoon just forget it until later. CHILL BRO! YOUR SEXY ASS WOMAN US BEGGING FOR YOUR TOUCH.

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