Un secret cadeau pour toi

https://www.facebook.com/daheezoe Like! :^) <당신을 위한 비밀선물>은 서로 사랑하지만 서로 모르는척하는 고요하고도 이상한 관계의 사랑을 사진으로 표현했습니다. 이뤄질 수 없는 사랑을 하는 것이 꼭 슬프기만할까요? 사랑자체가 너무 아름답지 않나요? 당신을 위한 비밀선물을 어떻게 표현할까...- 당신을 비밀스럽고도 열열하게 사랑하는 저의 소녀와 여자의 경계에서 많은 생각과 감정을 표현한 작품입니다. <Un secret cadeau pour toi: A secret present for you> is a work which is presenting a pure and weird love. This feeling is not allowed to be shown but it is impossible to forget. Would it be just tragic if my love is impossible? Isn't love itself so beautiful and precious? "How should I describe a secret present for you..." Between girl and a woman, I expressed my feelings for you.

Photographer Dahée Zoé- I am born to keep you beautiful. Photographer since 2011. Fashion & Wedding photographer. Lovable and sweet photographer. Origin from Korea and based in Paris, Rennes- France and Seoul - Korea. Please contact to: daheezoe@gmail.com
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