Liar Liar-Chapter 16

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Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: I don’t even know anymore Others Characters in Chapter: Jungkook, Yoongi, Jimin, Jin Length: 5659 words

Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy

Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 16/? I was just in time to see it turn back onto the road, going back the way we came. I covered my hand with my mouth to stop myself from screaming in frustration. What the fuck had Yoongi done?

Y/n’s POV I was dumbfounded as I watched the van roar off in the distance. Don’t cry y/n. You’re not gonna cry. He had run a motorbike on his way out, probably to stop Jungkook chasing him. That motorbike must have been how Jungkook got here…wait, where the hell did Jungkook get a motorbike from? I pried myself from Jungkook’s hold, and took my phone out my pocket. It had a flash light on it, so I used it to get my bearings. I quickly checked in case Yoongi had texted. He hadn’t. As I headed back inside, Jungkook asked “Y/n? Where are you going?” “His office”, I muttered in response. No matter how hard I tried, I could feel tears stinging my eyes. “The circuit board connects to a main switch, which is in his office. I’m going to turn the lights back on.” Jungkook didn’t say anything as I stumbled to the office, I could feel him hovering behind me, barely touching me. The light from my phone was bright enough, but I was blinded by my own tears. Also, I couldn’t keep the beam of light steady- my hands were shaking too much. When I got there and tried the handle, it wouldn’t budge. Why the fuck did he lock the door? I wondered, suddenly annoyed. An inexplicable anger rose within me, consuming my natural thought processes. I suddenly grabbed the gun he had given me and shot at the handle twice, making Jungkook jump slightly. I put the gun back in my waist band and kicked the door open, but didn’t go in straight away. I stood at the doorway, taking deep breaths to recollect myself. That’s the first time I used a gun properly. It scared me that in my anger, I had used it with no hesitation. Like it was second nature to me. Just like Jungkook had done when he shot at me. Oh my god y/n, stop. You and him are nothing alike. He shoots people. You shot at a door. Jungkook could hear my laboured breathing. He placed his hand on the small of my back, and I inwardly flinched at the contact. Every time he did something nice, he would counteract it with something horrid. “Y/n.”, he spoke softly, and I automatically leaned into him. Wanting comfort. In fact, I was craving it. “It’s ok. I’m here beautiful”, he murmured. I couldn’t help it. All arguments forgotten, I turned around and wrapped my arms around him, tight. I rested my head on his chest. He hugged me back, enveloping me in his warmth. A small sob escaped my lips. “Shh. It’s gonna be ok. You’ve been through a lot jagi. It’s ok.” His voice reminded me of home. Of normality. I gripped him tighter. We stayed like that for a few minutes. Me not letting go, and him consoling me quietly. Finally, I took a deep, shaky breath and loosened my grip. “Right. Let’s get these lights on.” The switch was on the far wall. I had realised it had to be Yoongi who had messed around with the lights, because I remembered just staring at that switch when Minah had us at gun point. Weird what your subconscious memory picks up. The lights took pretty long to come back., considering the speed of light. I assumed it was because this building was old- there were probably wiring issues. As the lights flickered on, all I could thing was,now what? The sudden brightness made my eyes water, and I squinted at the harshness. I quickly blinked away the tears- didn’t want Jungkook to think I was still crying. I turned around to scan Yoongi’s office, when my eyes landed on Jungkook, still standing near the doorway, and my breath hitched slightly from the sight. He had been running his hands through his hair, and his face was the epitome of concern.  My eyes darted down to his swollen lips- he had been biting them. That was a habit we both had. It’s always how we knew the other person was nervous or worried. I instinctively started biting mine, as I tore my gaze from his and looked around the room.  He’s left his gang members behind. Yoongi has just done a runner…now what do we do? I could try tracking Yoongi I suppose, but he would catch on after he saw me use the same trick with Jungkook. The silence was killing me, but I didn’t know what to say. I wanted all the pent up rage and frustration out of my system. Jungkook’s eyes were trained on me, but I could tell he didn’t know what to make of the situation either. I bet he thinks this is still some kind of trick, I thought. I took the gun out and Jungkook was about to react, but I threw it at the opposite wall, hitting a mirror.”GOD DAMN IT!” I yelled. I covered my face with my hands. Calm down y/n. You don’t know why he left. It could be anything. Jungkook just stared, his eyes empathetic. I guess in this line of work, people double-crossed him all the time.  I sat down in the huge swivel chair, careful to avoid the shards of the now broken mirror. I had no access to the computer because it had been turned off with the lights- and I didn’t know Yoongi’s password. Should I call him anyway? I didn’t know. Jungkook looked down at the floor pointedly. I knew what he was about to ask before he asked it. “Did he move her body?” Was the first thing he said after the lights had come back.He was referring to Minah of course. He slowly moved over to Yoongi’s sofa, and sat down in pretty much the exact same place Yoongi had sat in before. I just stared at his position, getting a sense of deja vu, before I snapped out of my trance and nodded. I cleared my throat before speaking. “Yeah, er, he moved her when we got here.” I knew what he was going to say next, so I answered before he could ask. “I don’t know where though.” He just gave a small nod and leant back. He feels bad for killing her? He regrets it. Written all over his face. I was just about to ask ‘why’, when he spoke up. “I need her phone. Got some important contacts on the inside that I was gonna get off her.” I swallowed nervously making his eyes narrow. “Except she doesn’t have it does, she?” Shit. “It’s her phone. Who else would have it?” I asked. My voice was steady, but I couldn’t meet his gaze. I was always a terrible liar. “Where is it?” I sighed inwardly. “You’re asking the wrong person Jungkook.” I met his eyes this time. “I don’t know.” This was a partial truth. I knew Yoongi had it- I just didn’t know where he was. But Jungkook wasn’t going to admit defeat. I sighed again. Two fucking peas in a pod, honestly.We were alike more than I cared to admit. “You knew her password. And don’t think I bought that crap about her telling you because I know Minah and no fucking way in a million years would she tell anyone her password.” The way he was slouched on that sofa, his legs spread out, made him look so…inviting. I mentally slapped myself. Focus. I looked away from him to stare at the reflective shards of the mirror on the floor. I saw a hundred versions of myself staring back. I looked tired, sad, angry. My hair was looking wild- probably from Jungkook pulling at it. I still stared at my reflection whilst answering. “And what if I did have it Jungkook?” He leaned forward at my question. I still didn’t look at him. I started smoothing my hair down to make it look semi-decent. He was probably confused by my actions. He wanted me scared, like every one else I had met today. He wanted me under his thumb. So me acting all casual was probably going to throw him off. When I glanced at him though, he was smirking. I quickly looked away. “Well I’d have to punish you for lying to me jagi.” I rolled my eyes. Is he really implying what I think he is? I have to admit, he looked good, sat there smirking at me. But that was the hormones talking. I had other things to worry about right now. I know what’ll kill the mood. “Yoongi has it. He must have taken it with him.” He gave a small laugh. I detected a hint of nervousness. “And why would Yoongi have it?”, the sudden sternness in his voice made me turn my head fully and look at him.  I stood up and stretched before walking over to him, not braking eye contact. I didn’t care about the broken mirror.  I stopped at the gun and picked it up, placing it delicately on Yoongi’s desk. You never know when you might need it y/n- Jin could turn up at any time. He was watching me intently, the whole time, darkly eyeing my every move. Might as well tell him, not like he can do anything. “Jungkookie”, I purred, stopping right in front of where he was stood. I had been secretly craving his touch ever since that hug. I was hoping that tone would at least keep him calm. He was looking at me me, his head tilted slightly, silently urging me to answer his question.  “He wanted to set a trap. He thought all of you were going to come here, but only you did.” Suddenly Jungkook moved forward and grabbed my upper arm, yanking me down to his level. I was still standing, but bent forward, face to face with him. His eyes looked at mine searchingly and I stared back not giving him anything. “And how would he do that using her phone?” He spoke quietly. I stayed calm. Just as I was about to speak, Jungkook let go of my arm, and grabbed my hips. “Jungkook what are you d-” My question was halted by him lifting me off the ground and placing me firmly in his lap. Now we were face to face without me bending over. I struggled slightly, my hands pushing at both his shoulders, with no avail. His grip was too firm on my hips. I gave up pretty quickly. His handsome features had hardened as he waited for my response. “He wanted her dad’s number…” I didn’t have to finish my sentence, because he understood immediately. The colour visibly drained from his face.  I used this as an opportunity to get up from my awkward position, but Jungkook wasn’t having it. His grip stayed as tight as before, if not tighter. I winced slightly at his fingers digging into me, but didn’t say anything. “Has he rang yet?”  “I don’t think so”, I spoke quietly, knowing full well he was…well, upset, to say the least.  Jungkook released his grip on one hip and put that hand in my pocket. He took out my phone. “Ring him”, he ordered. “Ring him right now and check.” My mouth went dry at his request and I nodded silently, biting my lips. When  took the phone from him, he put his hand back on my hip, but the grip wasn’t as hard this time.  I rang. Jungkook leaned into me. I could feel his hot breath as he whispered raspily “Speaker phone please.” Despite my nervousness I shuddered at the feeling. I didn’t know why I felt so nervous. Because Yoongi had done a runner, I supposed. “Y/n?”, Yoongi answered quickly. Judging by the background noise, he was still in the van. “Yoongi.” I replied curtly. He didn’t sound pissed off. Just worried. “You’re gonna have to speak up babe, can’t hear you over the noise.” At the word ‘babe’, Jungkook’s vice-like grip was back. He was eyeing me hungrily, and I was trying my hardest to ignore him. “Yoongi”, I repeated a bit louder. “Listen, have you called her dad yet?” “No, not yet. Only one of those bastards turned up. I want to take them all down at once.” I tensed. Wasn’t Yoongi aware that Jungkook was with me? Jungkook, on the contrary visibly relaxed.  Yoongi continued. “I’m coming up with a plan y/n, don’t worry. Anyway, how are you calling me? Did you run from him?” Jungkook tilted his head and furrowed his brows. I knew what he wanted me to ask. “P-plan? What plan? And err- yeah I’m hiding.” Yoongi paused before replying. “I won’t say anything over the phone. He might be within earshot.” “Yoongi?”, I had to ask him. It was driving me nuts. “Why did you leave?” “Jimin needs my help y/n.” That’s when I relaxed too. Of COURSE. Jimin! Why hadn’t I thought of that? “I’m sorry.” “No, it’s fine, seriously. Tell him I said ‘hi’, I grinned at the notion of seeing Orange again. By Jungkook’s restlessness, I could tell he was getting bored of the conversation. I ignored him. After all, he’s the one who asked me to call. “One last thing, then I need to go”, Yoongi said. “That Jungkook hasn’t hurt you has he?” He said Jungkook’s name like it was a disease. I watched as Jungkook’s eyes darkened at Yoongi’s question. “N-no”, I stammered. If looks could kill… “Good. He’s a dead man walking already, but if he touches you, I will personally kill him myself. I’ve got to go y/n, I’m almost here. Keep an eye out for my text, ok? And… stay safe.” He ended the call. I put the phone back in my pocket, and slowly looked towards Jungkook. His expression was unreadable. “You’re happy he didn’t leave you, aren’t you?” He asked casually. I reached for his hands, which were still firmly planted on my hips and tried to pry them off me.He’s gonna leave a damn bruise at this rate. “I don’t really care about that”, I lied. “I called to find out what you asked me to find out. Now please, let go.” Jungkook tutted.He shifted his body weight to the side, so I toppled onto the sofa, back first. Before I knew it, he was looking down at me, and I was staring right back up at him, forgetting what the word ‘breathe’ meant. “What have I told you about liars, baby girl?” He breathed. He was supporting his body weight with his arms, so he wasn’t touching me.  Don’t his arms hurt? I wondered. But no, he looked pretty comfortable in his position. “You told me you don’t like them”, I muttered. My eyes were throwing daggers but he wasn’t taking the hint. I focused on controlling my breathing instead. I cannot and will not have sex with Jungkook on Yoongi’s sofa. “And what do I do with people I don’t like?” I didn’t understand him. I had just told him Yoongi was planning to annihilate his gang and he wanted to have sex? Typical.  But I gave into his intense gaze and answered. “You p-punish them.” “Hmm”, he hummed approvingly. He lifted one of his hands, so all of his body weight rested on just one hand. With his other hand, he moved the hair out of my face. Time just slowed down, as we stared at each other. Without giving me any warning, Jungkook roughly kissed me. My heart started racing at the gesture. I finally moved from my paralysed state, putting one hand on his back and one behind his head, pulling him in. A pleasurable moan escaped my lips as he explored every inch with his tongue. He pulled back with my bottom lip between his teeth, leaving me breathless. “J-jungkook”, I panted. “There’s a time and a pla-” “The time is now and the place is here”, he cut me off. His raspy voice made me shiver. He moved down to my neck, biting, sucking. Doing whatever he could to leave his mark. I should have stopped him, but I was too caught up in the moment.. He took off my jumper and shirt with minimum effort, as I felt him go lower and lower. He stopped at my shorts. “Am I better than him?”, Jungkook suddenly asked. “W-what?” I was already a breathless mess.  Jungkook’s next words were pure venom.“I asked you,” he slowly repeated, grabbing my thigh, making me gasp. “Am I better than him?” I propped myself up on my elbows to stare at him. Is he jealous? It was clear from his face that my silence was displeasing him. I decided to use this to my advantage. I mean, he had been sleeping with someone behind my back since I’d met him, so why not?  Petty, I know. “Well”, I pretended to think, ignoring Jungkook’s tightening grip on my thigh. “He did make me feel good.” There. I’d admitted me and Yoongi had fucked without a care in the world. “The way he said my name, and looked me in the eyes as he-” Jungkook growled. I felt the vibration of his chest on my legs. “Wrong answer, beautiful.” Any other day I would have melted under his smouldering stare. But he was jealous. Which meant I had the upper hand. Or so I thought. We both sat up, mirroring each others actions.  I continued to meet his gaze. “Are you going to tell me what the right answer is then?” His expression stayed hard. I could tell he was planning his next move. I ran my fingers up his chest. His heart was pounding just like mine. But I wasn’t sure whether that was lust or anger. The way he looked at me, the way he held me- Jungkook was hella possessive, that much was clear. What I had done with Yoongi was a spur of the moment thing. Jungkook was being a lot more calculating, taking his time with me. But, he was taking a bit too much time. I sighed and reached for my shirt, knewing that would elicit a reaction from him. He snatched it off me. “Did I say you could put it back on?” His deep voice resonated with annoyance. “Since when did you decide what I can and can’t do?” I retorted. Not gonna lie, the whole warehouse, including this office, was freezing. Wearing the shorts was bad enough, but I was shivering now. I hugged myself tightly to show Jungkook that it was bloody cold. “I was kidding Jungkook. OK? Now give me my shirt back.” This is getting tiring. Why is he so confusing? I was met with silence. He moved in slightly. “I wanna hear you say it. Let me hear you say it y/n.”  I put a hand on his shoulder. “You’re better than him.” His smile was small, but detectable. This must be a new feeling for him. Jealousy.Since he had asked me out, I had only ever had eyes for him. No one else. So clearly he didn’t know how to react with Yoongi in the equation. The most influential woman in the gang world had loved him. So he must find it hard to process that his weak little ‘girlfriend’ had eyed up someone else other than him. It all just came down to his ego. I was his ‘thing’. The same way Yuri had been Yoongi’s. We weren’t girls that guys like them went for. We were just their possessions, inanimate objects they called theirs. “You’re my first proper relationship y/n. Minah was some one I used to get known. I don’t care that you were part of a mission. I really…care about you. And you go flirting with some prick who doesn’t give a shit about you.” His face was now inches from mine. I could feel the warmth radiating off his clothed body and I moved in closer. “You were flirting with another man and I’m about to show you why that was a really bad idea.” Before I could fully register his words, Jungkook was kissing me again, roughly. He was claiming me. And I gave into him. He slowly moved his hand to my back and unclasped my bra. Jesus Christ, I think I’m gonna freeze. He was biting and sucking at the newly exposed skin, and he stopped. I looked down to see what he was staring at. Shit. A purple mark? I hadn’t noticed it before. We both knew exactly who had made it. Jungkook growled before attacking me with his lips again. He was always careful not to hurt me, or be too rough. But today, it looked like he didn’t give a shit. His hand ran all the way down my body and he pulled down the shorts, before discarding them. I was embarrassingly wet, and could feel my cheeks go red as he eyed me. I closed my eyes and internally cringed when he licked his lips. But at the same time it was a turn on. I opened my eyes to ask him “Did you get me naked just to look at me?” He chuckled.  “Awh does my princess want more? Do you deserve it?” I took a deep breath. “Jungkook”, I said quietly. The boy I loved was staring back at me, a wild glint in his eye. “I’m sorry baby.” “I’m y-”, His hand reached into my underwear without warning. “Yours”, I gasped. He started circling the sensitive area, making my eyes close in ecstasy. His fingers sped up slightly, then he stopped. My eyes snapped open to look at his grinning face. I was breathing heavily, and staring at him in disbelief. He laughed quietly at my expression and slowly stood up, to take off his own clothes. I stared up at him, biting my lip in apprehension. “Ohh my god”, he moaned. “Please stop.” I looked confused. “Stop what?” “Don’t bite your lip like that”, he whispered raspily. My eyes widened at the lust in his voice. Then I smiled. “Or what?” I proceeded to bite them again and he threw me a dark look, finally ridding himself of all his clothes. He always had a condom in his wallet- I realised now that it was probably to trap the females he had to get rid of. Don’t think about that right now y/n. He motioned at my underwear and commanded “off.” I listened. No matter how many times I saw Jungkook like this, I was always in awe of his toned stomach, his muscular build. He smirked at me. “Hands and knees y/n.” I frowned. That wasn’t what we usually did. I slowly complied wondering what on earth had gotten into him. Is this a way to get his anger out or something? I felt the tip of his length slowly push inside me, making me moan his name. Extremely loudly. “That’s right babe. Tell the whole world who’s you are.” I moaned again as he started thrusting. I was just panting and moaning his name over and over while I heard him groan in appreciation. “Y/n babe”,he gasped “You feel so good.” I shut my eyes tight at his words.  He pulled all the way out and slammed back into me, and my hands gripped the sofa even tighter in response. “J-jungkook I’m”, I gasped at his rough movements. “I’m close”. He just grunted, which told me he was too. His arm snaked around my waist to rub me like before. That was enough for my release. Soon after me Jungkook reached his own high. He pulled out and got rid of the condom, before falling on the sofa next to me. He hugged me tight and I revelled in his touch, murmuring in approval. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would’ve cried at his next words.  “I love you.”


Yoongi’s POV Yoongi parked the van somewhere near where him and y/n had picked it up. He crept out in case Jin and his pets were around. Once he was out he texted Jimin for his location, which turned out to be literally five minutes away. He jogged there to save him a couple of minutes. “Jimin?!”,he whispered as loud as he could. “Jimin, it’s me Yoongi.” He heard a small voice to his left. “Over here boss.” He ran towards it, almost falling at the sudden drop. “Careful”, Jimin warned from down below. It was probably around three quarters of a metre deep, and it infuriated Yoong. Those bastards just threw him here? “Jimin”, Yoongi breathed a sigh of relief when his eyes adjusted and he saw the orange haired boy sitting there, grinning weakly.  “Did you see anyone on the way here?” He was referring to Jin’s lot. “No. Looks empty.” Yoongi replied. “Now, can you get up?” Yoongi jumped in the shallow ditch and crouched down. “I’ll be able to once you get the bullet out.” “Fuck’s sake Jimin”, Yoongi muttered. But he did it anyway. He watched as Jimin put his shirt in his mouth. The boy took it out again to explain. “I screamed when I took the first one out. Lucky no one heard me.” Yoongi just nodded and moved behind him. “Right…where is it? Oh yes, I see it. Ready? One..Two..Three!” He pullet at the small metal currently residing in his back. Thankfully it came out first try. Jungkook had probably hit him at an awkward angle for it to be wedged in like it was. Jimin’s groan was muffled by his shirt. Yoongi winced at the noise.  The first thing he asked on recovery was “Where’s y/n?” “She’s…she’s in the warehouse with Jungkook.” Jimin tensed at this. “Yoongi”he said. Yoongi internally frowned. Jimin usually called him ‘boss’ to his face. “You left her with the man who tried to kill her?” “Yeah. But she’s smart.” Jimin sighed in exasperation. “And he’s a trained killer!” “Jimin it’s ok. The lights have been switched off from the mains and she’s in hiding.” Jimin relaxed slightly at this, but still looked unhappy. Yoongi observed him carefully. I’m starting to think he has feelings for her. Since Yoongi had known him, there was only one time he had loved someone. And she ended up dead. He knew Jimin would never go against him, but it was certainly a problem if he did like her. Yoongi couldn’t never admit to…whatever he felt for y/n. The rules were for everybody, including him. “We have two options. The van’s a five minute walk away. Now, we can wait for those fuckers to take it and go to the warehouse. I’ll call Minah’s father and tell him they killed her. I’ll text y/n to get out of there and he can take care of them. But we’ll have to steal a car from somewhere. Or Option two. We get back in the van, go to the warehouse. Kill Jungkook, get y/n. Run.” “Option two means the rest of them get away.” “No”, Yoongi gave a small smile. “Y/n’s figured out a way to track them all. We would need their numbers though, which are probably all on Jungkook’s phone.” As Jimin was thinking, he put a hand out to Yoongi. “Help me up Boss.” When they were both on their feet. Jimin scratched his head. “Option 2.” Yoongi nodded. “Let’s go get ourselves a car”, he smiled. As Yoongi helped his friend out of the ditch he remembered something. “Oh yeah. Jimin?” Jimin looked up at him, face scrunched up in pain as Yoongi tried to haul him out. “I buried Namjoon.” Jimin just nodded and whispered. “Thanks boss.” The moment the two of them got out, they heard the distinctive roar of the now familiar engine. Jimin was panting from the exertion. “Looks like we didn’t have to wait long”, he noted.  Yoongi took Minah’s phone out. “Time to give Mr Big Man a ring.” Jimin just grinned in response.


Jimin’s POV Jimin wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy that y/n was in the warehouse. He wasn’t happy that that psycho Jungkook was there with her. He wasn’t happy that he could clearly see it on Yoongi’s face that he had fallen for her. Yoongi had never loved anyone since they’d met. He saw women as objects of pleasure- more so that Jimin himself. Jimin remembered his and Namjoon’s reactions when they found out he was with Yuri. Shocked wasn’t even the word. But then when Jimin saw how he was treating her he was almost relieved. He wasn’t in love. She was just another object. Another thing. But Jimin didn’t think that with y/n. She was young, intelligent, different. Not like the dumb women he had to deal with. It was usually those women who were hell bent on impressing gangs by spying or seducing that met their fate via Jimin’s hands. Kinda like Yuri with Jungkook. But Jimin had a really strong gut feeling that Yoongi felt the same way. Of course he could never talk to boss about it. If he was wrong and Yoongi didn’t actually care about her, y/n could end up hurt. Just like his girl did. Jimin shuddered at the involuntary image of him shooting his girlfriend came to mind. He could see, he could understand, why Jungkook did what he did today. But he couldn’t let y/n’s life end. Just like that.He just couldn’t. Jimin was getting sidetracked so he zoned back into the conversation, surprisingly having picked up everything Yoongi said. “Option two means the rest of them get away.” I don’t want them to get away. “No”, Yoongi gave a small smile. “Y/n’s figured out a way to track them all. We would need their numbers though, which are probably all on Jungkook’s phone.” Jimin smiled to himself. Of COURSE she had. As Jimin was thinking, he put a hand out to Yoongi. “Help me up Boss.” He paused for a bit before deciding. “Option 2.” Yoongi nodded, like he knew Jimin would pick that one.. “Let’s go get ourselves a car”, he smiled. As Yoongi helped Jimin up, he spoke.“Oh yeah. Jimin?” Jimin looked up at him, unable to verbally respond due to the excruciating pain in his back.. “I buried Namjoon.” Jimin just nodded and whispered. “Thanks boss.” He no longer was imagining Joon struggling, thrashing about in the water. Instead, he was now lying on his back, floating peacefully. Rest in peace Namjoon. A small film of sweat coated Jimin’s forehead. He wasn’t out of breath from the physical exercise. The back pain was just a bitch to tolerate. Jimin smiled through his exhaustion as he heard the engine.. “Looks like we didn’t have to wait long”. Yoongi took Minah’s phone out. “Time to give Mr Big Man a ring.” Let’s take these fuckers down.


Jin’s POV They had walked around in circles for what seemed like forever. And Jin had cursed Jungkook under his breath the whole time. The stupid boy had shot a man ( Hoseok and Taehyung dealt with the body) and made off with his car or bike or whatever the fuck he was driving. And he had left them there. Jin knew he had gone after that wretched girl.  “Boss!”, Taehyung suddenly bellowed.“Look!” Jin looked at where he was pointing. The van. His eyes narrowed at the sight, even though his two colleagues were beaming. Why would they come back? Maybe it’s Jungkook… But Jin was sceptical. As Taehyung leapt off ahead, Jin called “Be careful.” Hoseok, who was still walking beside him, asked in a low voice “You think it’s a trap.” Jin nodded. But as he watched Taehyung get to it and check the front and back, he realised it was empty. For whatever reason, those idiots had bought it back and left it there. Taehyung looked at him, his eyes glinting. He opened his mouth but Jin knew what he was going to ask. “I’ll drive”, he said firmly, watching his face drop. No bloody way are you driving in the dark Taehyung. Hoseok just laughed at the younger boy’s face. “C’mon Taehyung, get in.” He turned to Jin. “You know where he is?” Jin just said one word as he got into the driver’s seat. “Warehouse.”

To Be Continued.....

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