Who Will Win The NL East?

Hey guys, back with some fantasy baseball news to help everyone prepare for this upcoming season!

While many expected the Nationals to run away with this division last year, that was far from the case. The Mets shocked the world by going on an amazing run to the World Series.

While this was a dream come true for Mets fans across the globe, many wonder if they can do it again. Will the Nationals have a meltdown like they did last year? Will the Braves come around?

Who do you think will win this division?

The Braves are in the midst of a rebuild. Freddie Freeman is a very good first baseman, but the team has a lot of question marks after that. They made a great move to acquire the #1 overall pick this off-season, so with time things could get better. Their pitching staff also boasts a couple nice young players. They will improve some, but this isn't there year to lead the NL.

The Phillies, like the Braves, are also rebuilding. They have a mesh of aging players that may pose some value, but they also are working hard to work in new guys. The big problem is this team can't spend to fill voids until they find out which young players can truly play. This is what 2016 will be about for this team.

The Marlins were a sleeper pick for many to make some noise last year, but they fell apart in the early part of the year. They do have some bats that can hurt you, as Dee Gordon is a terror on the bases and Giancarlo Stanton is one of the top 10 players in baseball. They also have an ace in Jose Fernandez, but the rest of the staff is questionable. If this team could make a move for a #2 arm though, they could make some noise.

The Nationals may be the most talented team in baseball on paper. They have one of the most dynamic offenses in baseball, and just added a great lead off guy in Ben Revere this off-season. They fired their last coach in an effort to change the identity of this team and shake up the locker room. They also have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, but the question is: Can they put it all together?

I'm placing my bets on the Mets. New York has the best staff in baseball. From starter #1-5, they can all give you 6-7 strong innings, plus they have a very good bullpen. They won't blow you away on offense, but they are good for 3 runs a game. With a pitching staff this good, that may be all that they need.



Who do you think will win the NL East?

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