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** so this is probably gonna be a bit long. I guess you can say I'm expressing my feelings that I really didn't express back when they were on a hiatus. It just came to my head all of sudden of how thankful I am that they're back......

I'm back again to talk about my love for these beautiful boys. I haven't updated about them since they made their comeback in November. So like of course my true love is Bang Yongguk. He's my bias. I haven't loved any other since I've been into KPOP. except for the very beginning where I was obsessed with G-DRAGON O(≧▽≦)O well he is still my second bias... well back to my love and my lovely boys. BAP brought light into my dark world. I'm so happy they decided to make a comeback. I'm truly thankful for their return to the Korean Industry. I just couldn't imagine being sooo into KPOP like I was if it wasn't for them. I would still listen to it and be excited for groups. Because believe me I still have groups that I absolutely adore almost the same as BAP but not quite like them. y'all know what I mean right. I actually did go through that. when they went on a hiatus. I kind of stopped paying attention to groups. Like before they went on their hiatus I was always getting into knew groups learning about them. learning the members names. but after their hiatus. I just stopped. I just listened to the ones I knew before and I really didn't make an effort to get into anymore groups. but noo. after they came back to the KPOP scene. I got on YouTube again and started watching music videos and I got into more groups... I guess you can say BAP was and is my motivation. I love those boys. I'm truly a BABY. (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡

I'm a Texas Born and Raised '94 BABy. I love kpop.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ **All the pictures I post on here are not mine and they belong to their rightful owners.
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