It is I! The Fan Fiction Moderator!


Hello! As you all can tell by the card name, I am the fan fiction moderator! I am so happy about this!

Anyways, I thought that I should introduce myself a bit more. (Inspired by@JohnEvans ) I am 16 years old. My bias groups include BTS, MONSTA X, BtoB, and WINNER. I write fanfictions and have 2 apply fics. I'm in love with books. Some of my favorite books are 'Mama How Much Do You Love Me?', 'Born at Midnight,' 'A Walk To Remember,' and almost all the other Nicholas Sparks books. Lord of the Rings is life. ❤ I think I'm a very caring person, but like many others, I'm not so nice when I'm mad. I'm a crybaby when it comes to slow songs. ;-; I listen to all types of music. I play different types of instruments that include; Violin, guitar, alto saxophone, piano, and drums. I also love to sing as well as rap. I am here for anyone that needs to be heard. (:

I am on the lookout for supporters! If you're interested, then let me know! There are, however, a few requirements. *You have to be active in the community. *You have to write some type of fan fiction. (This is after all a fan fiction community.) *Be nice to everyone! *(This is not required.) You can spread the word about the Fan Fiction community.

You can let me know by messaging me!

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