5 April Fools' Day Jokes To Play On Your Significant Other

It's the fools day.

whether that be physical or mental

just kidding

Super glue your nail polish bottle together and ask him to open it for you.

Let's see just how macho your man is now. If he can open the pen cap, you've got yourself a keeper.

Tell him that your mom is coming to stay with you guys for a month and he has to give up his side of the bed.

This should be a good one. Will his gentleman appeal come out or not?

Pretend that you lost your voice and write everything down for the entire day.

If he follows suit and writes everything down with you, you've got a trooper on your hands.

Place a 'honk, just married' sign on your significant others car when they aren't looking.

They will definitely be confused and annoyed by the end of the day.

Send your significant other eggplants back to back with subliminal notes attached.

The new thing is sending your crush an eggplant to their front door. Yes, it's a real thing. I'm guessing eggplant part for dinner?

Do you have any good jokes up your sleeve?

What joke would you play on your significant other?

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