5 Beauty Staples I Fell Madly In Love With In March

Last month I fell in and out of love with a handful of beauty products, but there were a select few that stuck out to me. You may have seen me mention a few of these products in a previous card, but believe me when I say that they are the absolute truth. Not every product always works for me, but when one does -- it's literally a match made in heaven.

These few products have become staples in my daily beauty routine and I have a pretty good feeling that they'll be sticking around for quite some time. I guess you can say March was a pretty good month for me beauty wise. If you're interested in seeing the products that changed my life and my daily routine for the better, keep scrolling.

Product: Fancy Body Spray by Jessica Simpson

This fragrance is light and feminine. If you're looking for an everyday spray you can throw in your bag just to freshen up throughout the day, this is it. It goes on soft and the scent lingers for hours leaving you smelling sweet and sexy.

Product: Boy Brow by Glossier

The best brow pomade I have ever used. While I plan on getting my microblading procedure done over the next two weeks, I won't need this product for some time -- but nonetheless it is amazing. Anastasia Beverly Hills, who?

Product: e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm

I snagged up a few of these babies for only $2 and while they aren't the most moisturizing, they def leave your lips soft and with a hint of pigment. Definitely great when going for that naturally flushed lip and you want a slight color on your lips, but not too much.

Product: Coconut Balm Dot Com by Glossier

This lip balm is the greatest of all time. I've tried plenty of chapsticks and balms, but this one definitely takes the cake. Your lips will be moisturized for hours.

Product: Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater

My holy grail. On days when I prefer not to wear makeup or I just want to keep my foundation fresh, a spritz or two of this spray makes everything alright.

What product(s) did you fall in love with during the month of March?


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