Karaoke Kitty Part 4

As Missy hands your phone back, she comments about the texts. “You should totally text him back!”

“I couldn’t! It’s freaking Zico!”

“Jiho texted you; Jiho asked for your number last night.” She looks pointedly at you and nods are seen in agreement around the table. You bite your lip, but hesitate over the keyboard. What do you say to him? Hey, sorry I’m a dork and didn’t recognize you last night.

Missy bumps your arm, “Just do it”.

YOU: Hey, sorry, we didn’t get up until around 3.

KK: Good Morning than.

YOU: I’m really embarrassed about last night.

KK: What was embarrassing?

YOU: That we didn’t recognize you or your guys. I hear your songs at the gym all the time.

KK: Lol, nah it’s all good. It was kind of fun to be unknown.

YOU: Um, I’m out with my friends, I should get back to them.

KK: Same. Talk later.

Smirks and giggles greet you after you put your phone back down. “woooooooo”

You blush, “Stop it. I’m sure it was just a polite text.”

“Well, we all hope for your sake that it wasn’t. What are the plans for tonight?”

“Actual sleep?”

“Sleep? Hell no, it’s Spring Break! Sleep is for when school restarts!” A mix of moans and giggles respond.

“Didn’t we want a night we were going to play video games?”

“That’s about all the energy I have for tonight; I’m down. We’re headed to the amusement park tomorrow right?”

Nods go around as cups are thrown away and items grabbed from the table.

“Let’s stop and grab something to eat on the way home. Meet back at my place?” Choruses of 'sure', and 'what are you hungry for?' start as you head to the door.

As you wait behind your friends to get out the door a voice sounds from behind you.

“Are you following me or did I miss a text?”

You whirl around and come face to face with Zico. You clear your throat at how close he is, “Following you? We’ve been here for over an hour.”

A voice speaks from behind him, “I saw her when I came in.”

Zico smiles, “So have I, relax I’m just teasing. There’s no way you could have seen us in the back.”

You look over his shoulder at Choi Taejoon, the actor your friends had all fangirled over.

“Wait a minute,” he smacks Zico in the arm, “are you telling me I was a second choice?”

Zico just smiles over his shoulder at him, “You’re always a second choice. If you were my first choice every time I’d never have any other friends.”

Taejoon seems pleased with that answer and turns to the barista to place his order.

Zico turns back to you, “So where are you lovely ladies headed tonight for Spring Break?”

“Just back to my place for video games; last night was a total fluke. We never usually do things like that.”

A small smile plays at the corner of his mouth; “Mores the pity, that was fun.”

You stand there sort of awkward, how are you supposed to respond to that?

His smile grows at your embarrassment; he looks over your shoulder. “I should let you get back to your friends.” He leans down and kisses you on the cheek, “I can text you later?”

You simply nod; still shocked at the fact that you’ve met an actual idol, not to mention the fact he wants to text you.


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