Peppero Pain pt.2

Summary: Sehun gets jealous when he sees you with another boy
Members: Sehun X You
Type: Angst, School!AU
Length: 1,389 words

You felt awful as you slowly walked into Chemistry Class the next day. After the situation that occurred the day before which included Jungkook almost smothering you with his lips and scaring your true crush away, you were absolutely devastated. For the first 30 seconds after the EXO member had walked in on the incident, you didnt move due to the fact you limbs felt like jello and your heart was beating so fast you couldnt breathe normally. Once you had gotten a hold of yourself, your hands practically shoved Jungkook away as you attempted to go after the receding figure of Sehun. No matter how many times you shouted for him and looked around the school, you couldnt find him and your heart deflated as you returned to your locker with the feeling of absolute loss. You couldnt believe it, your crush had hinted at the fact he had feelings for you yet Jungkook had to ruin it completely for you. You wanted to cry, but you decided you didnt want to embarrassyourself at school as you dejectedly took your coat from your locker and shut it with a sigh. However, tears sprung to your eyes when you saw the crumbled and abandoned box of peppero lying on the ground, waiting for you to hold it close and repair its crevices and cracks. You couldnt shake the incident off the entire night, and every time you tried to do your homework, your thoughts would lead back to Sehun and you would get extremely distracted. You simply couldnt do anything until the whole ordeal was fixed, and after shoving your books into your bag and taking another look at the sad box of candy on your desk, you decided you were going to do your best to talk to Sehun and hopefully convince him that you werent associated with Jungkook in any way. You happened to have Chemistry tomorrow, and that would be the best time to contact him due to the fact you were partners and were forced to perform experiments together. That night, you went to bed dreaming of all different scenarios that could potentially take place tomorrow, and you began to work out exactly what you were going to say to the male. As you walked into the classroom the next day, you were confident and ready to speak to the male that stole your breath away and had captured your thoughts all of last night, however you were surprised to find that the teacher had changed seats. The shock must had been evident on your face, because your teacher furrowed his eyebrows together as he pointed at your seat and your new lab partner. Your heart sank as your feet slowly brought you to your desk, and you looked to the opposite side of the room to find none other than Sehun. He was sitting with his face focusing on the surface of the table in front of him, and he wasnt doing much either than ignoring the girl next to him. She was the one who gave him peppero and was normally rude to you, and you honestly felt bad that he was stuck with someone who would constantly bother him and wouldnt leave him alone. You felt even worse because you didnt even have your chance to talk to him. The experiments felt tedious and boring because you didnt have him by your side, and once the bell rang for lunch, Sehun was already gone and you wouldnt see him until tomorrow. You continued to look for him all over the school, however he had to have some means of escape due to the fact he was untraceable. You saw a few EXO members, and they had no idea where he happened to be either until you spotted one that you had seen with Sehun all the time. He was an upperclassman, and you overheard multiple times that he was from China and was one of the oldest despite his youthful appearance. He was on his way to class, a binder slung underneath his arm and a backpack perched proudly on his shoulders. He was extremely delicate looking, but his soccer jersey told you that he was athletic and rather strong. You honestly felt awful about stopping him because you didnt want him to be late to his class, however you were desperate to find Sehun and something inside told you that the male happened to know because of his close relationship with your classmate. You lightly tapped his arm and approached him, apologizing and then introducing yourself before cutting straight to the chance and asking him whether or not he happened to know where Sehun was. The male smiled softly as he stopped altogether in the quiet hallway and offered his hand for you to shake, and you were right about him being strong due to the fact his grip was firm yet gentle at the same time. My name is Luhan, Its nice to finally meet you _______. Sehun has talked a lot about you, and between just the two of us, hes up on the rooftop. Its where he likes to think and be away from all the crowds. You didnt get this information from me. With a wink and another dazzling smile, Luhan waved as you thanked him and disappeared down another hallway in order to get to his classroom, and that was what encouraged you to find the staircase up to the roof. With a pounding heart and trembling hands, you slowly mounted the steps and hesitantly opened up the door to reveal the rooftop. Plants and tables were littered throughout the cement flooring, and you were honestly surprised to find that the area was empty. You had personally never been to the roof nor had heard of it, yet you wished that you did due to the fact it was extremely serene and calming. It wasnt hard to find Sehun due to the fact he was sitting on the ground, staring at the sky with his bookbag residing a few feet away from him. Even with his back facing you, you could easily tell that he was a bit stressed out and wound up because his shoulders were slightly hunched and he had hidden himself away from the entire school in the first place. You slowly took a few steps forward in order to make your presence known, however he still didnt look up at you or pay you any attention. When you finally cleared your throat, Sehun finally reacted and sighed deeply, turning around as he spoke to you. Luhan, for the last time, I just want to be alo - Oh. His gaze shifted from being soft, to being sad, to then becoming void of all emotion completely as he slowly turned back, becoming too embarrassed to face you. He then stood up and went to collect his bag so that he could relocate again and run away from his problems, however you stopped him with a simple call of his name and he turned to look at you with a stoic expression dominating his facial features. You felt your heart going a mile a minute, and you had to clear your throat again as you brought out a small box from behind your back. Sehuns eyes widened as he stared at the object in your hands due to the fact just yesterday it was sitting in his palms. It had been stepped on by other students because it was left in the hallway, however you had mended it back together with colorful strips of tape and heart stickers. It used to be worn, pathetic, cracked, and broken yet you had simply shown it a bit of love and compassion and it was back to being as good as new. Your cheeks slightly tinted as you shrugged your shoulders and explained that you knew Peppero Day was yesterday, but you at least thought that you would try. For the first time that day, a wide and bright smile tugged at Sehuns lips. The rest of the day, the two of you lay together on the roof and watched the clouds lazily roll by in the blue sky, munching on the candy and holding hands together.


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