Hello everyone! Today is the first day of the 2nd quarter so, I will give you my intro and everything!



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Give those wonderful girls some love:)

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Okay. Here is my intro!

My name is Ashley (Call me Ash or Jiji.. Or anything but Ashley)

I'm 18

I'm currently not in college but I'm taking free classes on two different websites

My first k-pop group was EXO (Call Me Baby was just yes)

My top 5 groups are BigBang, VIXX, EXO, Madtown + BTS, And B.A.P (I know that is actually 6 but BTS and Madtown share the 4th spot so)

The React channel got me into k-pop

I am in love with over 12 k-pop groups

My VIXX bias is Leo

I represent Leo in the squad

And my top biases are G-Dragon, Leo, All of Madtown( but mainly Buffy, Heo Jun, Lee Geon, and Daewon), Suga, Zelo, Bang Yongguk, Key, and Nam Taehyun.

Anything else you would like to know please go ahead and ask:)

I also encourage the community to make some intro cards so we can get to know you guys as well:)

If you make an intro card tag the squad! We'd love to see it:)

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