Philadelphia officially apologizes to Jackie Robinson for 1947 racism

April 15 is the day Robinson broke the color barrier by becoming the first black player in Major League Baseball, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The Hall of famer endured loads of pressure from fans of baseball who thought the game shouldn't allow African-Americans in the MLB. Thankfully, Robinson was not only able to see the process through, but excel. His success opened the doors for thousands of people with different ethnic backgrounds to play baseball.

One city he suffered heavy amounts of racism in was Philadelphia. 50 years have passed, and the city has yet to apologize on the matter, until now.

In Philadelphia, Robinson was refused service by a local hotel and taunted by Philadelphia Phillies manager Ben Chapman, who, along with players, hurled racial slurs at Robinson each time he came to bat.

The City Council passed a resolution Thursday naming April 15 as a day to honor Robinson's achievements and to apologize for his mistreatment while visiting Philadelphia in 1947. His widow Rachel will receive the apology.

Long overdue. I'm happy they are finally owning up to this mistake.

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